About Manodaya

Rita Aggarwal established Manodaya, the first private clinic of its kind for Mental Health in Central India, in 1992. Thousands of cases children, parents, couples and addicts have been successfully…Continue readingAbout Manodaya

Children issues

Manodaya has treated a variety of Mental Health issues: Learning Disorders Anger Management/ Rebellious attitudes Depression and Suicidal tendencies Parent- Child Relationships Sibling/ Peer Rivalry Substance Abuse and Addiction and…Continue readingChildren issues

Other Cases handled successfully

Marriage Counselling: Marital Disharmony Divorce Resolution & Reconciliation Women’s Issues: Menopausal Issues Family Disputes Addiction: Substance Abuse Social Media Addiction Alcoholism

What we do


Therapy and Counselling

Some of the common child mental health problems are: Anxiety disorders Depressive disorders Disruptive behaviour disorders Conduct disorders Eating disorders Learning Disorders Affective/Emotional disorders Developmental delays Intellectual deficiency. Poor social…Continue readingTherapy and Counselling

Psychometric Assessments

The following tests are used for assessment: MISIC (Malin’s Intelligence Scale for Indian Children) DBDA (Davidson’s Battery for Differential Aptitude) MCMI-3 (Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) CAQ (Clinical Analysis questionnaire) TAT…Continue readingPsychometric Assessments

Personality training and Development/Life skills

“Personality Development Program” for school kids was initiated in the 1994 which aimed at Coping skills /Life skills development in the school age group of 10 years to 16 years.…Continue readingPersonality training and Development/Life skills

In 1992 ‘Manodaya’ opened its doors to offering solutions to various types of psychological disturbances that affected the general population. A parent who had a disobedient child with learning difficulties did not want to visit a general physician or a psychiatrist for such an issue. A couple in marital conflict did not know where to go for solutions. It was the right time to take a risk and venture out alone with a literally ‘un-recognised’ science like Psychology in a city like Nagpur.


Manodaya founded itself on the science of Positive Psychology, Humanitarian schools of Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Theories and aimed for -Positive Mental Health, Emotional Well-Being, Enhancement of Skills through Behavioural Training and Personal Growth. It believed in personalised services and offered specific solutions to fit the needs of the individual and his life. It was the first few private clinics in the country and became a pioneer in the city and entire Central India in promoting psychological thought and practice.