About Manodaya

Rita Aggarwal established Manodaya, the first private clinic of its kind for Mental Health in Central India, in 1992.

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy was an unknown science in the region and in India. People suffering from simple mental health disorders, such as, anxiety, stress, mild depressions did not know where to go and whom to approach. The safest bet was the family physician who would give general good natured advice. In case of children suffering from school related behavior disorders, learning difficulties or anxiety, the pediatrician was approached. The Psychologist as a mental health service provider was an unknown professional. It was pioneering work to start an independent clinic in psychology.

Manodaya opened it’s services to all types of general problems related to all groups from children, teenagers, youth, adults to married couples for marital difficulties. It also offered diagnostic services in mental health with psychometric testing of various problems. Career counselling along with Aptitude Test was also done. It also started ‘Life Skills Training’ for school and college students in 1994. Training programs were extended to the Industries and Corporates in Nagpur.

Thousands of cases children, parents, couples and addicts have been successfully treated over the decades.

Manodaya has done pioneering work in the field of treatment of complex cases with a near 100% success rate. Cases are handled online and offline. Rita says that it is encouraging to see that Mental Health is being accepted by society as a curable ailment, and persons should seek professional help.