Personality training and Development/Life skills

“Personality Development Program” for school kids was initiated in the 1994 which aimed at Coping skills /Life skills development in the school age group of 10 years to 16 years. It was designed for 15 days input with various important psychological topics such as building self-image, self-esteem, positive thinking, body language, interpersonal skills, assertiveness, motivation, concentration, emotional regulation. It was weaved with good values and morals. The methodology was interactive and participatory, using, small group discussions, role play, brain-storming, questionnaires, story-telling. The program was conducted during vacations in summer and winter with small batches of 25 children. The tremendous popularity and demand made it imperative to start training for college students too with enhanced dimensions such as leadership, public speaking and career building skills.

Corporate training was much needed in the industries in and around the city and the public sector companies. I have been invited by several of them on several occasions for different subjects.