Online consulting

What is Tele Counselling?

In Telephone counselling, people in distress can seek consultation on telephone.

Who can avail Tele-Counselling ?

Those who live in places where no local counselors are available and those who would not like to discuss problems face to face but would like to consult from the comfort of their homes, can resort to tele-counselling.

Clients who live overseas (outside India) but like to consult a Psychologist of their own country and cultural ethos, can consult through telephone.

Sessions are scheduled normally once a week but can be increased to twice a week in specific cases if needed.

What are the Charges ?

For residents outside India: US $ 50 for 30 minute session and US $ 90 for 60 minute session.

How can I make the payment ?

Payment can be made in the below mentioned Bank Account through Net-banking (Internet Banking).

The Bank account details are as follows:


ACCOUNT NO: 916010011249899

Bank Name: Axis Bank, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur.




UPI number to make a payment – 9823073986

Important Guidelines (Please Read)

* Once you have made the payment, please note down the transaction number for the same and fill the form below. Call me for an appointment, [Between 12 noon – 5 pm preferably] on +91-9823073986, to schedule an appropriate date & time for consultation.

* Consultation will be provided only after the fees have been credited to my account. Please bear in mind that in some cases, it may take more than 3 days for the amount to be credited.

* Once the consultation is scheduled, please make sure that you call up at the appointed date & time. The appointment can be re-scheduled a day before the fixed date.

* For any further consultations, you will have to follow the same process as above.

E-mail Counselling

Those seeking personal advice through emails could also consult me through emails at a marginal cost of INR 500/- per mail. Replies will be sent to the sender within a week’s time. Only one reply will be given per e-mail. The mail should NOT be more than 250 to 300 words.

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