“Avoid peer pressure”-25 June 2023


Q. I have a 15 year- old daughter, who has recently promoted to standard 10th. She likes going to school and has been good at studies, however, she always ends up completing her work and assignments at the last moment. She has crossed the submission deadlines multiple times and her teachers have even scolded her for the same. She gets frustrated since she isn’t able to manage her time properly. I’m worried that her habit of procrastination will affect her performance and marks since 10th is a crucial year. Please guide.
Ans. Time management can be taught to children. The day can have a structured time and an unstructured time. Tell her to fix a time during the day when she can complete her assignments and have some time which is unstructured and free. Try to make her follow a schedule for some days along with you and see the effect. We can discuss with her, why she is postponing her assignments. Sometimes there is a lurking anxiety which can be addressed and removed. There could be many other reasons for procrastination which needs to be explored. Bring her for a session.  


Q. I’m an 18 year- old male. I have just passed my 12th standard exam and plan to pursue BBA next. During the time between when my exams got over and my result was declared, I started partying a lot with my friends. I did not engage in drinking alcohol earlier but due to our frequent partying, I have started liking it and go overboard at times. Even though I have realised that I should consume it less frequently and under control, I am unable to say no to my friends when we go out. I always decide for myself that this would be the last time but I am not able to be firm on my decision. Please help me.

Ans. You are on your way to addiction and need to check it right away. Peer pressure is one of the main reasons for getting addicted to bad habits. Of course the primary reasons are intrapsychic (within you) and not outside. You might be prone to addiction, be submissive in your social demeanour, be lonely, don’t have creative hobbies that are engaging and more personality traits. You can learn to be firmly assertive, be with friends but say no to alcohol, change your circle of friends, cultivate engaging hobbies, focus on studies, reduce social parties to weekly ones, spend time with family, start exercises or sports and so on. This will increase your confidence and self-esteem and help in dropping bad habits. Alternately come for counselling.  

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