“Blind in desire”- 3 January 2016.


Q. I am in the final year of BE in computer science branch, now I want to carry my masters Degree in the field of psychology. Is it possible mam? All in all, I stammer and I want to become a psychotherapist and help people throughout my lifetime. Will my engineering background be a barrier for my masters degree. I have heard a lot about you as an inspirational and source holder. I am waiting for your acknowledgement.  Is there any university or colleges in your reach that you know offers master program for the same despite non related bachelor’s degree.

Ans. Now-a-days Universities are allowing graduates from any field to join the master’s programme in psychology. But I believe the education is thoroughly inadequate to practice it. Another option would be to do an HR degree after engineering and that involves dealing with people and their problems. As far as your stammering is concerned it can be treated and you can be cured of it if you come for sessions of counselling. You could do a course in psychology for your own interest but not to make a career out of it. A session of career counselling is also suggested since you hint at a major shift in career making.


Q. My husband works in another city far away from home. He says he is not happy with job or people there. Here there are no jobs again. I stay with my children and my parents. The situation is not nice for me or for him. He feels lonely and wants to come here but there is nothing to do. I am getting troubled by his nature. He does not settle anywhere and does not keep happy. I am tired of this life. What to do? Should I start working and earning? I am not very qualified. Please help me.

Ans. Yes, one option is to start studying and start working eventually. Since you are a housewife you will have some time to devote to studies. You could do online courses /distance learning from IGNOU etc. If you do not want to study further you could start a small venture of your own based on your skills and experience. Self employment is the best option any day in comparison to a job. You could gradually get your husband involved in your venture soon enough. Talk to him and your friends about the idea and then plan it seriously. Meanwhile suggest your husband to stick to the job whether he likes it or not so that the family is taken care of. He should not leave the job unless he has an alternate source of earning. But you getting active will help greatly.


Q. I want to help my friend. He is running after a girl who is of bad character and we all know her well. She is not good in studies and is spoilt. She bunks classes and goes with many boys. She is from rich family and is good looking. Boys run after her and she enjoys the attention. This friend is a very nice boy and a very good student. I feel he will spoil his life for her and lose his concentration too. I am worried about him. His family is very nice too and they are sincere people- hard working and middle class. How should I check him madam please help me. Tell me what to do?

Ans. it seems you like the boy much to care for his future. In fact one option is to let him follow his instincts and learn from his own experience. It seems natural for boys to run after good looking rich girls and obviously she is enjoying the attention. He is being foolish as you rightly mention and he will fall back in his studies but that is entirely his choice. How can you stop someone from being foolish? You can suggest and advice him one and twice but not more than that. People do become blind with their desires and instincts. They learn the hard way. But you should keep away and watch the fun in a detached way. Get out of his way and get involved in something more creative and meaningful to you and your life.


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