Online Comprehensive Aptitude Testing for students of Std 8 to Std 12

Choose Your Career Wisely

Most students are confused as to what career line they should chose after 10 Std. Some follow what their parents say, some follow their friends thus ignoring their own talent pool. The test helps in guiding the students of high school to assess, evaluate and know themselves better to make a proper choice of career which will give them success in future and happiness. The above Aptitude test measures your abilities, your interests, your skills and your personality factors to help you make the best choice of career most suited to you.

Once you fulfil the formalities of paying the charges online to the bank account mentioned, the id and password will be sent to you by email and you can take the test online on my website. Once done you will be sent your report within a day or two. After that you are eligible for an expert counselling session with me for 35 minutes through telephone or through skype which ever suits.

Payment can be made in the below mentioned Bank Account either through Netbanking (Internet Banking) or through cash manual deposit (by hand) in the bank.

The Bank account details are as follows:


ACCOUNT NO: 32076380633




The charges for the Test with Report and Tele-counselling is Rs. 6000 and Rs. 5000 for Test and Report only, without counselling.

Once you have made the payment, please note down the transaction number for the same and fill the form below.

{rsform 4}

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Do you feel sad/ depressed / angry / irritated most times?
Do you feel stressed/ fatigued / and drag yourself to work?
Do you feel your marriage is not running smoothly and you are not happy with your life?
Is your child’s behaviour and conduct bothering you?
Does your child have difficulties with learning / concentration at school?

You could consult me for any type of emotional / behavioral problems for yourself or your child.

Counselling / Psychotherapy

  • Child behavior problems
  • Child learning difficulties
  • Career guidance & counseling
  • Marriage & relationship counseling
  • Stress & work related issues
  • Anxiety & Depression counseling
  • Anger management
  • All types of emotional, behavioral & psychological disturbances

Psychometric Assessment & Evaluation

  • Intelligence
  • Personality (Normal + Clinical)
  • Specific learning disabilities
  • Aptitude testing
  • Other Emotional disorders

You can also consult me for general enhancement of personality, relationships, parenting, career planning and career crossover, performance in sports, and other areas of achievement in personal potential.

Clinic Address

B 301, 304 : Shat Tarka Appartment Surendra Nagar, RPTS Road, Nagpur 400 015

Phone: (0712) 2223322, 2220250, 09823073986

If you cannot visit the clinic,  You can avail of Tele Counseling. Click here for details!




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