“Don’t cry over spilt milk- move ahead”- 7 June 2015.


Q. I have studied till 10th here in Nagpur and I have completed my 12th from Andhra and scored 93.7% in the boards. I have appeared for jee mains and didn’t get qualified. I got 61 marks in it. I belong to OC category I want to do CSE. I like CSE branch the most. Should I take a year drop and attempt JEE mains in 2016 or should I join an engineering college now? And please suggest if my choice about the engineering branch is right or not. I am waiting for your reply.

Ans. It would be better to join a college now itself if you can manage the admission. You have done very well at the school boards but have not done well at the entrance exams. It may help to secure a better college if you take another chance but a year is too long a time to stay motivated enough. It would be advisable to get admitted and start college education. About the branch it is a matter of choice and your aptitude also. By itself it is a good branch but you should have the interest as well as the ability. So analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then decide.


Q. Today was my 12th result and I got only 71.02% (science). I am feeling very helpless. The problem was that I was suffering from severe migraine in the past year and I could not study to my full potential. My parents always keep a lot of hope from me, though they tell people that I scored well but I know they are very upset. And it’s obvious for them as I scored almost 25% more in 10th . What should I do now? Where should I go? I could not perform well even in JEE. All my fellow mates got satisfactory results. How will I face people? I am afraid and ashamed too. Please guide.
Ans. Well what is done cannot be undone. Now think of the options that are open to you. You could still join an engineering college even if your marks are not good in JEE exams. Or you could opt for other courses that are equally significant. The fact is that you need to plan your career properly and with a lot of thought and analysis. You need to know your aptitude and interest areas, your strengths and weaknesses, your long term dreams and aim in life before we could suggest alternative career options. Engineering is not the end all of life. You could get into pure science, computer applications, or even commerce. After graduation you could opt for a management degree too. First think clearly about your goals and aims. There are always other choices open. Do not despair.


Q. I am 17 year old student preparing for my PMT exam and will start my 12th sessions from 11 June. During one month holiday I did not study and just enjoyed. I am a topper student still I did not use my holidays. Now I want to study more hard. Can you give me some tips. We have a comeback test on 11 as well as on 15 June. I think I will not do well in these but I want to back on my schedule. Please give me some tips which can help me.

Ans. Firstly, stop wasting time by worrying and thinking negatively about the past. Time lost is gone forever. Now focus on the present and the future. Make the best use of time you have on your hand. Study eighteen to twenty hours if possible. I mean make the best use of each hour on hand and have a one point programme of just studying. Actually you have enough time in hand if you look at it realistically. Relax your mind, stay positive, make a study plan for each day, set targets and work on them. Take body breaks by exercising and sleeping the rest of the time. Eat well. Stop talking to friends, meeting people, watching TV or using your phone or mobile. You will realise the amount of time you have in hand. It is amazing what you can do in ten days.


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