Focus on immediate goals – 15 Nov 2009

Priya (via email)

Q. I am in class 10. I have a problem related to ambition of my life. I want to become one among some great peoples known and want to learn and know richness of life as far as I can. But whenever it comes to reality I find that I am all in fantasy. I want to be out of this fantasy and want to bring it as a reality in my life despite knowing that it is not something very easy. I want to be all satisfied with my life before it ends. Please help me.

Ans. This is a very happy problem and you should stick to this thought and work on it systematically. Besides your long term dreams you must also realise your immediate goals. I hope you have somewhat clear goals about the future and know what type of work you would like to do. Once that is clear take care of your immediate tasks in hand and work hard to succeed in them. Succeeding step by step will take you to greater heights and you will find yourself among the great people. Start competing with the best in your class and/or with your own self to keep improving your performance. If you still feel confused come and take a session with me. Let me help you solve the mystery.  

Pallavi V. (via email)

Q. I am of 21 years of age and I made a call to a boy whom I don’t know. We were just enjoying and then we started talking to each other. After some time he proposed me but I was not ready. I was thinking that he has not seen me thus he is saying but after some time he saw me accidently and again proposed me. After one month I came to know that he is lying but he denied it. I am totally confused. My friends are saying that he really loves me. Please tell me.

Ans. This is confusing. You seem to have lost trust in him since someone has influenced your mind. Well, it is a good thing to be alert and aware of the other person. Keeping a little doubt is better than being blind to all faults. A little bit of doubt help in perceptual discrimination. You should keep the friendship but stay away from commitment till you are sure of him. Tell him you need time to think over his proposal and are not sure about your feelings. But you may not break the friendship all together. Instead of listening to your friends entirely also listen to your heart carefully. Your own heart will give better answers. If you listen to it with meditation you will know the truth. It is inside you. 

ND (via email)

Q. I am a student of 1st year B.E. My problem is I am too shy. I don’t talk too much. I also lack self-confidence. I hate going in public places. As a result I am ignored in my friend circle. Even I hate going to weddings and receptions. I think I am very unsocial and have public fear. Hence I find myself lonely. Please tell me some remedy for this.

Ans. You must be introverted by nature. It is okay to be introverted if you are happy with yourself. But if you are feeling unhappy with your condition and your nature then you must work towards changing it. I can help you with a personality training programme which will teach you how to get rid of your shyness and become social and friendly. It will help you build confidence and improve your communication skills. It takes a few sessions and that we will decide with your consent. You should come for a preliminary discussion with me.


Published in Hitavada Insight on Nov 15 2009

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