“Enhancing knowledge is critical to growth”- 8 January 2017.


Q. I wanted to do a creative job after my 12 Std but my parents did not support me because all my cousins are engineers and doctors, they forced me too to appear in engineering entrance exams. Luckily, I cleared it and got admission in one of the reputed engineering colleges. But in spite of all hard work I could clear my papers in semester exams and then I quit it after third year. After that despite my parents’ reservations I did my graduation in journalism and mass communication and landed my job. My problem is that I have started my journalism career little bit late and still struggling to make my successful position in it and this made me depressed. Secondly I wanted to do MBA in media in popular business school. Although in MBA there is not age bar but many career consultants and MBA trainer told me you have crossed the age of admission in MBA. At the age of 32 can I try my goal in higher education. Please help me. I need your suggestion.

Ans. You can try your goal in higher education even at the age of 62! There is no age bar for education which is to be encouraged in any case and not discouraged. My friend did law after his retirement! The course in media management will surely help you in boosting your career. Never get depressed even if you are a late starter in the field. People may start late but they can zoom in their careers if they are effective and follow the right principles. Many people are switching their careers midway as they realise their interests and passions and go for it. So follow your instincts and go for it. Do not give way and do not stop midway. Continuous education and enhancement of knowledge is a must for mental growth and progress in career.


Q. I am a final year student and I have started writing some poems in English and Hindi. Can you suggest me how can I get them published in newspapers? I do not know how and where to send them.

Ans. The editor of the newspaper or of the magazine section of the specific newspaper is in-charge of such news items. The newspaper has its email address printed below where you can send your mails and contributions to them. Sometimes a specific email address is given for contributors to send their features/creative expressions in the magazine section. Look for that email address and send it across. If that does not work then a trip to the newspaper office to meet the concerned person will surely help. Keep trying and do not give up.


Q. I am working as a teacher. After studying your column in The Hitavada, I am very much encouraged and enthusiastic to learn psychology subject and enrolled myself for M.A Psychology as a private candidate. After going through two practical workshops and discussion with peers and professors I am not getting any clue to get good English medium books. Could you please help me identify some best written book name and authors on the subject which can be purchased through website. Please guide me to learn and understand the subject to my best of capability.


Ans. There are numerous books on psychology and its specialisations in English language. There are good textbooks that would be appropriate and suitable for the course content. The course content is generally specific to the university and is set by them and therefore they are the best persons to guide you for the prescribed books. Remember one book on any specialisation may not be sufficient but could be adequate enough. Supposing you have a paper on Industrial psychology or abnormal psychology, then you will have to search for a good textbook on that subject which may cover many chapters related to that field. First study your syllabus and the search the net for textbooks on psychology for that subject specialisation. Another way could be to visit the university library or a college library of the department of psychology and take help from the librarian on the prescribed textbooks for different papers of psychology. You can also visit the university department of psychology which has its own library too. This search will help you understand the field of psychology and its education.

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