“Identify the stressors”- 15 May 2016.


Q. I completed my PG in Chemistry in 2015. From last one year I am preparing for comparative exam related to chemistry but now I am not interested in that subject. Now I don’t know what to do. And what happen with me. Day by day I am getting depressed and nervous. So, please help me.

Ans. Even if you have done Chemistry you could look for any and every type of job. Open your mind and take up whatever is available in your city or town. It is important to work and earn money. It does not have to be the job of your choice in the field of chemistry. You could try teaching in a school or college or you could start coaching children in science. If you take kids from school level you could do many subjects. Another option is to prepare for the competitive exams/ civil services exams of your State and Centre. Other government sector jobs, the banking sector, government and private sector is also open to you as a post graduate. Don’t just sit there and do nothing with your life. Please get going and search for options. There is lots of work which can be done, you have to look for the opportunities. Another area is entrepreneurship and being self employed. Explore that too very seriously.


Q. I am an M.A.M Student and I want to discontinue studies after BM degree because I am interested in I.T sectors. So after that what type of post graduate degrees can I do as a specialization in I.T.

Ans. I have not understood the full form of M.A.M nor the BM degree that you mention. Kindly make it specific so that we could attempt a try at suggesting you something.


Q. I am feeling much stressed at my job place. My sleep is disturbed and I keep lying awake and worry about my life and family. I have lost my hair as it is falling. I have tried many types of oils and other treatment but it is still falling. I am afraid of getting bald and then no one will marry me. I don’t like my job and I don’t like my boss – he is an irritating fellow and behaves like a bull-dozer. He keeps pushing me and many others to keep on working, he does not like to give leave and forces us to do this and that. Please tell me what to do.

Ans. You are definitely showing symptoms of stress. It is nice to know that you have identified it and are keen to seek guidance for it. Losing sleep or your sleep being disturbed or irregular is many times the first casualty in stress or mental disturbances. Hair fall for many is also a symptom of stress and could be traced to many more factors. After trying all sorts of therapies if you have not found any relief then you should consult a psychologist as fast as possible. Your boss could be one stressor that seems obvious and you not liking your job is another stressor. But there could be more stressors that are not so apparent to you. For example if you know the nature of your boss and his behaviour, you could learn how to manage him and his nature. There has to be a good side to him too which is not being perceived by you. An important aspect hence is your own weaknesses which ought to be looked into and handled. To elaborate the point, let’s take your inability to say ‘no’ to his demands in a polite manner, may be being exploited by him. Learn the art of being assertive in a polite manner. Alternately, you could work on increasing your levels of competencies and skills on the job so that your productivity goes up. Introspection will help you know yourself better and then manage your stress well. Do not hesitate to seek counselling as soon as possible if you fail to get any relief. Timely counselling helps in relieving stress.

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