“It is not easy to fail”- 20 January 2013


Q. I am in a big tension as my 12th board exams are coming and only 40 days are left. I had not studied the whole year. What shall I do now?

Ans. Make a quick assessment of selective reading in all subjects. Take the chapters that are relatively easy. Take guess questions from friends or from the guides available in the markets, if any. Then get down to studying them in whatever manner possible- if you can memorise them or read them over several times then do it. Study whole day with only sleep and food intervals. Banish everything else from your life-TV, newspapers, friends, mobile, internet, parties, outings etc. If you do just this for forty days you will pass! Most importantly while doing this keep your mind absolutely positive, calm and confident that you have the brains and you will pass. It is not easy to FAIL!


Q.I am an average student of 11th (PCM + C++). I am going through a very difficult phase of my life I am depressed about my marks in maths & C++. Even I didn’t get good marks in chemistry and physics. I failed
in maths and C++. I know that education is very important in life but I don’t know I can’t concentrate in studies.  After one month my final exams will start- what should I do ma’am please help me. Give me tips for studying and concentration. Hope you will give me your suggestions.
Ans. It is most important to keep your moods calm and positive. Depressed mind cannot study for it only worries and broods. So firstly cheer yourself up and get out of your despondency. Secondly take a bath, pray and mediate to calm your mind. Sit in the chair with your body relaxed, take long deep breaths for five times and then start studies. Remember to eat high protein diet and sugar like juices, fruits or sweets. Avoid oily and greasy food like fried stuff. Avoid heavy eating so as to ward off sleep. Eat light and good food. Also do light exercises like walking around in a garden in fresh air close to nature. Make a suitable time –table for your subjects. Be selective about the chapters –do not read all of them. Revising the subjects is more important and memorising them if possible. Ban all distractions for the entire period till exams are over. You are sure to pass. An average student can pass all exams well enough.


Q. I love a girl in my college. I think she too loves me. But our caste is different. Also she belongs to a higher class family. We are very middle class people. What should I do? Is it a crime to fall in love and marry against caste? Please ma’am I am very much in trouble and depression. She will not do anything against her family. I know it very well. She is a nice girl and very simple. That is why I like her. She is a serious student and she will not find educated boys in her community. That is why she likes me I think. My family is very educated and good. But they will not allow me to marry other caste. Please advice.

Ans. This is a sensitive issue with many families in India. If you love each other deeply and think can make a good life together then it is a good decision to marry. But how you are going to manage your parents is a big question. As you say that she will not go against her family wishes then your chances are slim. If the girl does not have the will and the guts to take her own decision it is a futile exercise for you. You will be in great trouble trying to convince her and everybody else. At least if she is willing she can manage her parents and you can manage yours. One alternative is to wait for studies to be over and get settled into jobs and then declare it to your respective parents. Once you are older you gain more courage and confidence as well to face life’s adversities. All the best.

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