“Life is a long haul”- 17 May 2015.


Q. I have appeared my class 12th this year. I am from science stream (PCMB). I am confused about my career. I am interested in chemical engineering and in computer departments, but I am unable to choose my career according to the scope of given above. Please suggest me which course is best in above or suggest me if any course is there in any of the streams.

Ans. Both the branches of engineering you mention are great ones. You can opt for chemical engineering or even computer science. You should make a choice of both and see which one you get. Both have tremendous scope and there is nothing to worry about.


Q. I wanna know about the couses which hav gud opportunities in future.I have given cls 12 xams nd i am waiting for my results..my group was PCM. kindly guide me..

Ans. For science students there are ample opportunities in future. If you are interested in theoretical /academics then you could graduation, post graduation and doctoral degrees in any one subject of science such as mathematics or chemistry or physics. This would be a teaching and a research line of career and you should opt for it if it interests you. The other option is the applied side of science which is engineering. Here you could do graduation and then post graduation in engineering or then in the field of management. If you have the artistic element as well architecture can be a good branch too. An aptitude test will help. Please write to us if you need one. We offer it online as well.


Q. I have completed my graduation in BSc biotechnology from Nagpur university. I want to pursue MA psychology. I am very passionate about it. Even in my career counselling it was  evident that it’s the right career path for me. Can u please guide me and tell me list of colleges which accept BSc graduate student. Most of colleges I tried applying, I am not eligible. They say BA degree is required. I am eligible for colleges in Nagpur university like Hislop, etc. But my parents are against me studying at Nagpur university because it’s very infamous and bogged in controversies.

Ans. A few universities in South India such as Banglore might have opened their doors for aspirants like you. Such a switch over is generally not allowed anywhere in the world (except Nagpur) as the knowledge is not through and is half baked. Just doing an MA is Psychology does not make you eligible to practice or to teach. Many students are still doing it though and searching for placements mostly in schools. To become a practising psychologist you need at least seven years of study of psychology and also two years internship along with it.


Q. As u guided me for opting additional pshycology I searched at university site and I found that ambedkar college and hislop college provide this course but when I went and asked they said they don’t provide infact there is nothing as such after completing your graduation you can opt for MA. Mam will u please tell me what should I do next.

Ans. Yes, they have done away with the BA additional degree and have started taking admissions directly to MA Psychology. Even IGNOU is allowing students to pursue MA psychology after any graduation. So it becomes easier for you.

Arpita Ghosh.

Q. I am 24yr old girl.I did MSC in biochemistry in 2013 but I am jobless.recently I lost my mom.I am going through a very tough time.not even succeeding in competitive exams.my father’s financial condition is not good.I am not getting any job although I am giving so many interviews.


Ans. if you can open your mind to any type of job anywhere you might get one. If you are doing a specific search for areas in your field of education you might not get it easily. If you are financially needy take any job available in the market. Many of us work in odd jobs for many years when times are tough and then we cannot be choosy at all. Slowly as you get into the job circuit you will meet different types of people and your network will help you get connected to the right type of people. It is always like that. Life is a long haul.

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