“Do not follow the wrong trend”- 10 May 2015.


Q. I am a girl of 23 yrs of age. I am BE holder and have been preparing for state PSCs and very good in studies. I have been attending the tuitions for the same. Recently I met a guy there not more than a month ago and have developed feelings for him. He is an intelligent, understanding, caring and sensitive guy and so I used to discuss study stuffs with him, which my mom disliked. I don’t know why I’ve fallen for him which was few days before disclosed to my mom due to which she is deeply hurt. She spends sleepless nights. My feelings for the guy is really pure and can’t even imagine of hurting my mom neither I do want to breakup from the guy. Please tell me what to do?

Ans. This is always a dilemma. You hurt your parents when you do not obey them. It is okay to have friends in college but it is another thing to get involved which becomes an emotional thing then. I would suggest you go slow on your feelings, withdraw a little from him and focus on your exams. This will help you concentrate. Checking the flow of feelings is a must otherwise they become intense. Tell your mother and assure her that you will never hurt her and will keep her informed about your life. Tell her you will not anything stupid and have always been a good girl. Let some time pass. Time will tell the truth. Be patient.


Q. I heard about you by one of my friend. She told me that you are a very good counsellor. So madam I need your advice. I passed my 12th std this year. My aim is to become an IAS officer. So madam the institute I’m going for studying IAS, the head sir over there told me to do B.A. And I also think that is good. But many of the people say that don’t go for B.A. Now I am totally confused. I want to do B.A as it will save my time and also help in the career I want to pursue. But I take my steps back as people told me that B.A is not good and so on… So please help me as to what should I do. Should I what I think or go as people say? Please madam help me. Will be waiting for your reply.

Ans. In fact it is a good idea to do B.A and prepare for the exams properly and seriously. People who are pursuing UPSC positions after doing professional degree courses like engineering and medicine have set a wrong trend for others. There is actually no role of a engineer or doctor in the UPSC posts. Why should one study one course and aspire for another job is something which needs investigation. It perhaps speaks of people’s insecurities and /or their uncertain minds of not planning their careers properly with thought. It is a waste of a seat of another deserving candidate in medical colleges and engineering colleges. If you are determined and confident of your talents and abilities please go ahead with all seriousness. It is a good choice. Prepare thoroughly for your exams and you will sail through. Make an assessment of your personality too besides your logical reasoning ability and English language.

Q. I’m 18 yr old girl. I have just appeared for my 12th boards exams. I’m from science stream(PCM). I’ am very much confused about my career. As I want to do MBA course further, so I’m confused that what stream should I choose for my graduation. My mother is suggesting me to do B.Sc. But I’m thinking to do BBA or B.com so that it can be a big help for me for doing MBA afterwards, because both the courses belongs to commerce stream. I’m very much confused about both science and commerce stream. Please suggest me what should I go with. And is there any scope further if I opt for commerce stream, and if I choose commerce stream, would it be difficult for me, as I’m a science student? Please help me out for this.


Ans. MBA is open to all categories of graduates whether you are from science, arts or commerce. The choice depends upon your long term goals. If you are interested in accounts and commerce then B.Com with an MBA in finance is a good career line. If you are interested in just management then a BBA and then MBA will be good. If you like science it may be helpful to get jobs in related industries if you do B.Sc and then MBA. It depends upon your likes and interests and your goals. An aptitude test with career guidance will be helpful for you.

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