Make a correct self estimation – 30 Jan 2011


Q. I am a 10th std student and wish to become a famous psychologist like you but my brother diverts my mind saying that there is no scope in it. Since I have less knowledge about this subject, my mind gets diverted too! Now I am totally confused and going in depression. My parents are also advising me to become an engineer or a doctor but I want to do something unique. Please guide and help me overcome this confusion.

Ans. I would advise you to come for career guidance after your final exams. Psychology is a wonderful career if you take the right kind of training. It takes seven years after the 12th Std. So it’s a long training period. There are no short cuts to becoming a practicing psychologist. If you want to become a lecturer it takes two years less. Doing engineering is a shorter course of four years whereas medicine will also take six to eight years. But the point of concern is not the number of years of training only but other factors such as your aptitude, interest and personality. Your parents’ expectations are important and you must discuss with them in detail the pros and cons of each career in a dispassionate manner and then take a final decision.

S. D

Q. I am a 20 year old guy and an engineering student. My problem is that I am obese and have become lethargic. I have lost all my passion and interest in just about everything. Because of this I am lagging in most of my work including studies. I want to lose weight but am unable to find the right kind of motivation for it. Please show me some way from where I should begin.

Ans. Obesity has many times a state of depression behind it. If you could explore your mind for the reasons, it will help you. Your loss of interest in just about everything is also a symptom of depression. You would need a change in your life style as well and you could start with smaller and easier goals to with on a priority and then go for other goals. Do not start a fight on all fronts in your life at the same time. Few sessions of counseling will help you put you on the track.

Abhisekh the sinner

Q. I am in a problem. I wasted my class 11th studies and I am trying hard to cope with my 12th studies. I want to pursue engineering as my career but till now I have not developed my competitive aptitude so I am planning to clear my board exams and take drop to prepare for competitive exams. I need your advice that is my decision right? Because my parents are against it and they want me to excel in both board and competitive exams which is not possible for me. Please help and suggest any other alternative if any.

Ans. The competitive exams are decisive in gaining entrance into engineering and the qualifying marks for 12 Std boards are just about 50% as far as State entrance are concerned. If you are aspiring for the top grade collages then they require a higher score even in 12th boards which would be difficult. Discuss with your parents all the aspects of taking a drop for a year or compromising by aiming for an admission in state college. Taking a drop for a year depends upon many considerations such as your ability to work hard, be disciplined for a whole year in the routine of self study, remain motivated for a year and your ability to remain focused on your goal. Your parents may be skeptical of your personality characteristics from your failure in 11th Std. Of course you should be given another chance to prove yourself. Make a realistic estimate of your strengths and weaknesses and then decide. Your parents can help you with it. Otherwise come for counseling and guidance.

Published in The Hitavada Emotions Column –  30 January 2011

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