“More than equal”- 23 April 2014

The issue has long been decided. The details, too, have long been in discussion all over the world. And by and large, the world has accepted the postulate as proven. Yet, there are violations, brazen at that, of the accepted postulate. That makes matters worse.

Hence this assertion.

The issue, previously, was whether women were equal to me. They struggled with themselves and decided after long, long time that they were equal to men. Then followed the struggle to prove – to the world — that they were equal to men. That struggle took bizarre shapes and sizes and twists and turns and led women even to bra-burning. Then, men laughed at women and accepted that ‘okay, you are quite good’. Women riled and hated men’s sense of superiority, chauvinism. However, after two generations of fighting, the world finally accepted that women are equal, and started granting women such a status – though only to an extent.

This is history of women’s liberation, in nutshell.

In fact, subsequent events for decades have proved that women are more than equal to men, in every which the way, in every and any situation. In fact, the fight for equality has already ceased to be. Yet, women all over the world do get an impression that they are being treated unfairly. This impression may have some base, of course. But at this stage, the trouble is not with the world; it is with women themselves. The problem is in their attitude.

Take this universal stereotype: A married couple of professionals. Man works. Woman too works. Both come home together. The man throws away his shoes, puts his legs up on the centre table in front of TV, and asks the wife to make a cup of hot tea for him. The woman changes into home clothes, makes tea for her man, prepares snacks for the kids who would be coming home soon, and gets into kitchen for the evening meals grind.

And then there was a cartoon: A seven-member bench of American Supreme Court is hearing a case on equality between men and women. Six judges are men, and one is a woman. At lunch break, all have their fills, and then the Chief Justice asks the woman colleague, ‘Now, Sandy, will you make coffee for all of us, please!’

This says it all. No explanations needed.

Whether Judge Sandy makes coffee or not, is not the issue. The issue is, whether the women all over the world traditionally assign to themselves the role of coffee-making!

Therefore, it is time for us women to tell ourselves, and not to the world, that we are not just equal but more than equal to men. For, in the stereotype we saw earlier, the woman has already shown a greater efficiency of action and attitude than her man. So, it is now time to prove to ourselves that we are not just equals but more than equals.

The experience is, beyond other stereotypes, that men do accept women’s superiority if it is not available in an arrogant garb. They may carry some grudges, but even women do when other women are better! If women conduct themselves in an amiable manner, men accept their superiority easily.

The point, thus, is simple: Let us assert to ourselves that we are more than equal to men; that we are superior. When we evolve this attitude without being pompous, without being showy, without mocking at the world, our acceptance level goes up all of a sudden.

We should never beg for equality, for we are not just equal but more than equal.

That is where we should start making the difference.

But, the question is: Are we ready for this?


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