“Personality disorders are stubborn in nature”- 28 August 2016.


Q. I am studying in class 12 at K. V. I wanted to know that is it mandatory to go to school every day for 12th class student? I think that it is a total waste of time going to school every day for me as I am preparing for competitive exams. In my school too there is not an academic environment. In this case can I sit at home and prepare for my board as well as competitive exams with the help of private tuitions? Is attendance factor important for appearing in board exams?

Ans. Attendance is usually an internal issue of the school and the board has nothing to do with it. Hence many schools who allow students private coaching do not make it compulsory for students to attend classes in school and allow then to appear for board exams. Please find out if your particular school will agree with this arrangement. If you are able to convince them it would be good to attend tuitions and do self study as much as possible. And the time spent in school can be saved.


Q. I am doing engineering in 4th year. I was very touched with your article on “touch me not” published in Hitavada newspaper. Specially, I was attached with the point which you mentioned about spouse of female being touch me not since mine is the same case. No longer reading your article I quickly decided that you might be the only one who could help me. My father is a touch me not type of person and as you mentioned in your article in what way such persons could damage the entire family, exactly the same is happening with me. He listens to none of my family member. Being the main member all of us have to listen to him no matter he is right or wrong. He is not even knowing how manage life, he is disturbing because of his behaviour. Now I am not knowing what to do in such a case. He would also not be ready to come at your clinic. I hope mam that you would understand my situation. I am very much in need of your help. Please suggest me some solution so that I can come out of this problem and my life would not be wasted.

Ans. It is sad to know that your father has a personality that is bothering all of you at home. You have not mentioned in what way it is impacting you. At most times it is difficult to change the nature of a parent- you can only try by telling him your requirements. Be clear in asking for what you want. As far as emotional needs are concerned he may be unable to fulfil them. If he agrees to your other specific needs you can find your happiness in some way. Otherwise another way is to study hard, pass with good marks, get selected for a job and earn your freedom. Choose good friends and seek happiness in other ways. At least this is in your hands to do so.


Q. Recently I took admission in an MBA- Integrated course at Nagpur. This is because I didn’t get admission in any engineering college due to some reasons. And I also couldn’t apply for a BSc course because the admissions already have had ended by then. When enquired further, we came to know that there are no more vacant seats left in any of these courses. So, I was compelled to take admission in this course. Furthermore, I had to make the final decision within less than a couple of hours because only 5 out of a total of 60 sanctioned seats were vacant. So, the admission cell of the college told us to confirm the admission as soon as possible. Hence, I and my parents couldn’t even discuss about this issue. All I know about it is that it’s a 5-year integrated course in Management which doesn’t require any graduation and hence can be pursued directly after 12th. But, I don’t have any clue regarding future job prospects and placement opportunities that an MBA- Integrated degree holder has. Even not many resources are available on the internet for me to research upon. I don’t even know if I am suited for this course or not. So, it would be of great help if you can elaborate on this topic, because it’s only now that I can change my decision of continuing with this course; or else it would be too late. And if so, which course should I opt for next? What should be my next step?


Ans. An MBA whether after graduation or after an integrated course offers the same job opportunity at the end of it. This course is at par with any other MBA course done in Nagpur. The advantage being that you do not have to go through an entrance test which is not very easy. If you wanted to do engineering or science in graduation followed by an MBA after graduation, then this courses deprives you of doing science or engineering and goes through as a post graduate degree  in management science. You will need to evaluate the pros and cons of leaving science totally. A session of career guidance will help discuss all the details face to face.

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