“Sacrifice pleasures for career making”- 24 May 2015.


Q. M very much tensioned about my relationship….i am in a relationship with a guy since 3 years n now m going mumbai for higher studies.. m doing mbbs. Recently i made frship with one guy who was in my class in 11 and 12 dat tym i never talked with him but now in fb he messaged me and i was very happy to lisent dat conincedently he also is going mumbai in the same college i am very happy for dat and we became friends now i think i like to talk to him but my relationship with the first guy with whom i m since 3 yr i dont want to continue and am not able to take decision…..and if i tell him he will b hurted dat also i will not able to handle…..and sometimes i thk i dont love him its just infatuation. N i lyk to talk to my new and i think he also likes me but this think how to tell any one what people will think about me….

Ans.  Oh dear this is a real dilemma for you. Just stay calm and do not take decisions right now. Decisions taken in haste may turn out to be wrong and you may regret them. So let things be as they are and do not make any new commitments. Also as you are going to Mumbai for higher studies you should be focused totally on studies and make the best use of your time there. You should be thinking about your course and your subjects and not your new friend. Your mind should not be full of boys and new boyfriends. Keep it casual and do not make it serious. There is enough time for you to make long term commitment. First make a good career and have sacrifice on your mind for your personal issues. That will be better. Career making is a sacrifice of many things which seem pleasant for the moment.


Q. Hi; I’m a student. And I need your help. I don’t have confidence. This is a major problem because, in it bothers me in my daily routine and my studies too. I can’t concentrate on anything due to my lack of confidence. I just want to go away from the task. I need to boost my skills too, and for that I need practice. But I question at the start of it, if I will be able to do it, or not. I’m getting a loser day by day, and it’s just because I’m not sure of me. I want defeat my under confidence, but how?? Please guide me.

Ans. There seems to be a fair amount of anxiety in your mind. It would help to analyse the reasons of anxiety and the causes of low confidence. Have you failed in some test or does someone important always run you down? Find out from where the low confidence is coming. It could be possible that you indulge in negative thinking and have therefore a low self image and self esteem. Start thinking positively about yourself and change your attitudes towards your life and yourself. Also a little bit of physical exercise will go a long way in lifting your spirits. Stay in the company of happy and positive minded people and share their joys. You have not mentioned if you are doing well in studies or not and that is also an area to take care of. Focus your mind on your studies and put in your best efforts. You will soon see the results.


Q I have appeared for 12th boards this year in science stream (PCM) and I’m awaiting my results. I want to pursue engineering. I am good in mathematics. I want to opt for a branch which will include mathematics to a high extent. Which branch will be best for me? Please help me.


Ans. Many branches of engineering have a good amount of mathematics such as mechanical, electrical, electronics and also mining and civil engineering. You can opt for any one of these which appeal to you. You can also pursue pure mathematics with graduation and post graduation in mathematics. That is another option for you. It all depends on your long term goals and dreams.

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