“Seek treatment immediately”- 13 April 2014


Q. I am 17 year old. I am doing diploma second year student. I always stand second in my class. While writing exam paper I don’t remember all the points exactly. So I always miss my 1st rank. Please help me to find some techniques to remember all the matter exactly. Please.

Ans. This is interesting and your spirit to excel is admirable. You could make notes and write the points in small chits of paper which you could revise before the exam. At least remember the number of points to mention and the memory of those points will flow. Also do more recalling after study of all the points. Keep trying keep your mind positive and you will come first.


Q. I am a final year student. I am upset from my behaviour last 1 year. I have problem of concentration and get afraid among people. Due to this I get much depressed. I have also   headache. I share this problem among family but they told that it is nothing. Every time my mind gets worried.  Due to this my friends leave friendship with me. Please give some guidance by which I can face every problem without any hesitation.

Ans. First get your headache checked by a physician and clear all doubts about a medical symptom. Then a psychological check up will help identify the reasons for your depression, low concentration and your behaviour from one year. You also mention being afraid of people. This really needs more attention and finer assessment before we can arrive at any conclusion. If you were fine till third year and are upset only in your final year then it would help to seek professional consultation. Do not delay. It may just be a simple thing that can be remedied promptly. Delay only worsens the symptoms and the process of cure also get stretched.


Q. I am 21 male. I am addicted to masturbation since childhood. Till 5th std I was intelligent, good boy afterwards I was spoiled. I started spending more time at home lonely except for playing and tuitions. I thought myself abnormal and that my problem was unique and
I was different. I grew more and more socially insecure I lacked conversation skills and social skills due to time spent at home and less active in extra- curricular. So I am not good at talking to people. I say something that I regret later or I am made fun of. I have very low self esteem. Every day went by hateful thoughts and this went on for 9 years everything was burden for me. I didn’t like (1)talking to friends (as they made fun of me or I didn’t mix with them) as I prefer lonely lifestyle. I am not habitual & good socially (2) I hated everything (really everything) The only thing I like to do is to be in my room isolated from others where there is no competition, guilt, shame where I can be myself. Even suicide seemed a good option but I didn’t and I won’t do suicide. I don’t want to live because I just hate everything I see everything as a burden I have no good relationships. It feels like nothing can add meaning to my life. Yeah I am a loser. I HAVE LOST HOPE. I am a very talented person and can accomplish anything if disciplined but the key ingredient hard work is missing due to laziness & procrastination. Can you help me with something?


Ans. You would need psychological help immediately. You seem to be suffering from an obsessive disorder which makes you repeat the same thing over and over again. It eventually leads to depression – anxiety is already present. You might be helped with psychiatric consultation along with psychotherapy and counselling. Please do not hesitate and delay the consultation. You will feel the relief very soon. Instead of living a miserable life it is better to seek treatment and live a healthy life. Counselling is necessary for the development of many skills and for rational thinking. You are not alone, many people suffer like you and many people are helped daily for such problems.


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