“Suicidal thoughts need immediate attention”- 30 April 2017.


Q. I am a school teacher and I am working for the past 2 years. My daughter is 5 Years old and she is also in the same school. I am in a fix as whether I should continue my job or not because I feel that because of my job I am unable to pay attention towards my children and their studies. At my workplace I am doing very well and appreciated for my job but sometimes I have to leave my children at home with my in-law as because of my job. I feel that I am unable to enjoy the childhood of my daughter and I feel very sad about it. At the same time working gives me confidence and sense of satisfaction. My husband supports me in all ways but I am unable to decide whether should continue or give up my job. Please suggest.

Ans. If you feel deprived of enjoying more time with your child/children and also feel that your husband is supportive in all ways and you do not need to work for economic reason, it could be a good idea to give up work for a few years and spend more time at home. You could always resume work after a few years when you are ready to do so. Some mothers may take part time jobs for a few hours per day /week, when children are away to school that keeps you fruitfully occupied. This may be allowed in schools too where you could contribute some classes or in tuition and coaching classes. You also opt for other types of part time jobs suitable to your talents and abilities. Take a break if you feel like.


Q. I am in final year of engineering. My childhood dream is to become an Armed force officer. I have appeared for SSB interview thrice in the previous days and did not qualify even in first stage. My best friend has made it the first attempt. The other people are making doubt on me. Sometimes I myself have have doubt whether I am made for this or not. Right now simultaneously I am preparing for other exams as well. Sometimes I am in depression, because my attempts are increasing. Is it right to put alternative career as back up plan?

Ans. Yes, of course you are right in having a back-up plan. It is absolutely important not to put all eggs in one basket. It would be important to know why you are failing in selections to Armed forces. We could help you in understanding the causes to some extent. However do keep trying for other alternatives and also do not give up your dream for few more attempts. Wish you all the best.


Q. My daughter is a very intelligent child and gets very good marks in all subjects. Lately, I am worried for her behaviour. She seems lazy and sad but says nothing. She does not give enough attention to studies and wastes times in TV shows and chatting with friends. She is in middle school and I feel she will lose interest in studies slowly and drop her performance. Please suggest.

Ans. A slight down fall in the graph of studies is alright and should not be alarming but if the downfall is consistently going down and she is not working to make up the loss, then we need to take note of it and act on it. Her behaviour also troubles you as she is diverting her mind to peers and friends and to TV. This is somewhat teenage behaviour but needs to be corrected. As this is the time for emotional upheavals handle with care and sensitively. Friends are important to her but she needs to discipline and regulate herself. We hope she is not depressed for you mention lazy and sad??


Q. I study in B.Com 2nd year. From some weeks I am getting like thoughts of jumping from the terrace in my building. I don’t know why this is happening. I do not have any problems from anyone. My family is good. My friends are nice and my studies are going okay. Why am I getting such thoughts of jumping down from top floor. Is something wrong with me? Do I need medicines? Please suggest.


Ans. Yes, you might need medicines if you are getting into depression of this type. When you say there are no problems in your life and all is well and in spite of that you are experiencing suicidal thoughts of jumping from the terrace this needs attention. Do not delay. Tell your guardians about it and that you need to see a psychologist. If they do not take you and your problem seriously, you should go all by yourself and get yourself examined. Do not delay at all. Please take it seriously and urgently.

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