“A serene mind works better”- 19 June 2011


Q. I have given my final year exam in B.Sc. (Comp Science, Maths, Stats). I want to pursue a career in MBA. But the problem is I think I won’t clear my exam because one of a paper didn’t go well. So I will have one year gap. I do not belong to a rich family so I want to do some courses which would fetch me good money so that I don’t become too much burden to parents and gather money. Please madam help me to do good course(s). Do you think REVIT Architecture is good course for earning money and please do tell me about Hardware and Networking course as well.

Ans. Yes, you can learn the Revit software and work with an architect. You can earn a good enough amount for a student to sustain himself. The hardware networking course is also very good for earning money. Some institutes give a guarantee for job placement after the completion of the course. So go ahead and work hard and succeed in your plans.


Q. I am studying in XIIth Standard. Recently in the past two months or so, I have developed this fear of failure which has brought down my self-confidence and it has dented my psyche. The following symptoms are:  1. Not able to apply myself in tough situations. 2. Feel as if I am inferior to others. 3. Feel difficulty in taking newer concepts. Mam, I would be grateful to you if you could solve my problems.

Ans. I wonder why you have developed this sense of fear of failure and started thinking negative about yourself and your life. You seem to be losing concentration too. You would be helped with large doses of positivism and meditation / relaxation exercises. Also doing some physical exercises on a regular basis will help. If all does not work, then do not hesitate to come for a few sessions of counseling. We will help you out of this negativity easily.


Q. I am currently doing Engineering in Computer Science from NIT-Bhopal. I want to clear the UPSC examination and become an IAS officer. Can you please tell me about the way I should proceed from now on and the steps I should take. I want to know which newspaper daily and magazines I should read. I also want to know the best coaching institutes in Bhopal that gives coaching for IAS. Since I have just two years left for preparation I want to prepare myself thoroughly so that I can crack it in my first attempt. So please help me.

Ans. UPSC requires a fair amount of general knowledge, logical reasoning, English language and a good presentable personality. Assess your strengths and weaknesses in the above fields and work hard on improving them. You should read all types of books on general knowledge, reasoning, vocabulary and word power and books on emotional intelligence. You should have good speaking skills as well. You could start training now with a reputed institute (find that out locally). Focusing your mind on it from now will prove beneficial to you. You are sure to succeed if you work on it systematically.

Mohit , Bhopal

Q. I am a student of 2nd year in graduation and also preparing for CAT 2011. During my studying hours I just lost my temper if any sound comes and it disturbs my studies. I can’t concentrate on my studies in that manner and I can’t sit for long hour to study. Help me to solve my problem.

Ans. Set up a separate room where no one disturbs you. Train yourself to take small breaks in between your study hours if you cannot sit for too long and get disturbed by little things. Small breaks of two to five minutes between study is good enough for resting the mind and then get back to your study. Learn a relaxation method and calm down your mind for any emotion, such as anger or irritation. A calm peaceful mind does much more work than an agitated mind. So learn to relax and be positive about things.

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