A welcome, positive change- 14 August 2012

Anagha and her husband Sudip had a quick choice to make: Sudip had got an offer for a job far better than his present one but had to move to Mumbai. In that case, Anagha (with their two-year-old daughter back in Raipur) would have to continue in her job in the company where the two of them had started working seven years ago. So, should they make the move or stay put and stay together? Of course, Anagha could try for another job in Mumbai and the family could re-united after a while. But that would be the thing of the future.

The choice was difficult to make. The job on offer was really good — much more money by way of remuneration and perks. Sudip and Anagha got tormented. They had to make a quick decision — in the next two-three days.
Tired of the mental torment, Anagha phoned her father, a retired corporate boss who had made it big in his career. Papa heard the whole thing and asked the daughter to put the decision on hold for one day. The next morning, he and Anagha’s mother drove 200 kilometers to meet the daughter and son-in-law and of course the grand-daughter. Anagha was surprised to see her parents at the doorstep next evening. She and Sudip had just returned from office, and felt extremely assured with Papa’s presence.
The old man gave his well-reasoned verdict: Don’t go to Mumbai. Stay here, and together. Here, money may not be big, but “you have enough for yourselves. You can also save a good deal of money even now. So, when you are young and enjoying a fantastic life together, don’t invite an unnecessary break in your present life-style. Stay here and new opportunities will walk in through the front door. Believe me.”
So, the couple made the decision to reject the Mumbai offer and life continued in wonderful togetherness.
The word about this choice did not remain secret. In due course of time, many knew about the choice Sudip and Anagha had made. And one Sunday morning, the Director of their company stood at the doorstep of their house, pushing Sudip and Anagha into a pool of surprise.
The Director was in his late fifties and was a man of substance. He said, “Look, I have come to know about the choice you made. This puts me under a little pressure now to stand up to the choice you have made in favour of our company, your company. Here is my plan: We will promote both of you to head two different sections. That will be a bigger responsibility, but it will come with a fatter pay-packet. If you accept this, then you will become part of middle-management level of the company. This is the reward we wish to give you for your choice.”
Anagha realised how prophetic her father was. Of course, the promotions would mean harder work. But then, who is bothered about hard work when one is young and energetic? The new status brought money plus status plus lots of work which both enjoyed.
Beyond the smudged personal details, this story is true and many people are making such choices in favour of togetherness. They have begun realising that togetherness in young age and new marriage is more important than just the money separate job location would bring. A few years ago, decision to stay in different places in favour of more money was a regular thing to happen. Today, a change is coming over, and it is welcome. For, the change indicates how life’s considerations are changing and become more humane.
I am aware of a lot of young couples making such choices most willingly. I, for one, would always support such choices. For, they indicate a positive development in our society.

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