Rita Aggarwal – Consulting Psychologist

Child Psychologist – School Psychologist – Marriage Counsellor

Dear Friends, I am Ms. Rita Aggarwal,  a Consulting Psychologist based in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I am the director of a private enterprise named ‘MANODAYA’, The Psychology Clinic – Nagpur, India &  Centre for Psychological Enhancement.  I am a well recognized personality in Central India, known for my pioneering efforts in the practice of psychology. My work includes counselling, psychotherapy and psychometric testing and assessments. I am also a seasoned human resource trainer and I conduct workshops for self-growth and development. I am a visiting faculty for training for the corporate sector and professional institutes.

Due to my diligence & painstaking research in the subject I handle numerous speaking assignments and due to added value of appropriate emotion, my speeches have proved to be big draws.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts – B.A – (Psychology Honours) with Gold Medal from Ranchi University. I also earned Masters degree – M.A – in Psychology, again with a Gold Medal from Ranchi University. For my M.Phil degree with specialization in Clinical Psychology, I moved to Bombay University. My dissertation on “Psycho-social Correlates of Domestic Violence” (1987) was the first of its kind in the Indian Universities. In addition to this, I acquired specialized training in Rogerian Client-Centered Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) from Mumbai, and Behavior Modification (BM) Therapy from the National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (NIMH), Hyderabad.

With the inception of Manodaya in the year 1992, I moved into full-time private practice. I handle a wide range of problems related to children, teenagers, youths and adults. I also specialize in child-psychology and I handle behavior and conduct problems, difficulties in school learning and performance, emotional and inter-personal relational problems of teenagers, career-guidance at all levels, marital discord and divorce, violence and abuse, stress, depression and other psychological disorders. (Click here for details).

My areas of expertise include Child Psychology, Adolescent Counseling, Marriage Counselor,  General Psychology, Clinical Psychology.

Starting from the year 1992, my workshops for school children, adolescents and adults for self development and public speaking, have been extremely popular. Besides my full-time practice, I also go many extra miles to popularize psychology by way of lectures and newspaper writings. I write three regular and extremely popular columns running in Central India’s leading English daily newspaper ‘The Hitavada’. My psychological counselling weekly column named ‘EMOTIONS’ is perhaps the longest running column of its kind in the country. Starting from April 1992, it is still the most popularly read column of the paper. I write another column ‘Work Behavior’ and another on women’s concerns, ‘Persona’. A column on psychological issues named “Shades of Grey” was also running regularly. My occasional lead articles and features have often held people’s interest in relevant and current issues. This has been my  pioneering contribution to the cause of spreading the message of psychology to large number of people.  Of course, I often wave away suggestions from many to become a full-time writer.  After all, psychology and human resource training are my main task, activity, and mission.

I spoke at TEDx BITS PILANI in 2016.



I am an active Rotarian and have been a member of Rotary Club of Nagpur – India since 2000. I am a Charter member and Director on the Board of ROTARY ACTION GROUP ON MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVES (a global initiative). From 2015.

Rotary Club Nagpur

I am a charter member of TIE Nagpur and member for TIE- Women Global.

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