Manodaya – The Psychology Clinic

Rita Aggarwal Manodaya

Manodaya – The Psychology Clinic

Centre for Psychological Enhancement

In simple English, Manodaya means — Uplifting of the Mind. At Manodaya, thus, human mind has a special place, based on the belief that Mind is Man. It is in the mind that the individual is made or marred. The aim, therefore, is to help people to keep the mind-space as uncluttered as possible, which appears particularly difficult in the complexity of modern life. Despite this, if the individual gets appropriate expert support, he, or she, can keep the mind-space clean and free for creative, meaningful pursuits that ultimately give the person a sense of attainment.

Therapy and Counseling

Manodaya – The Centre for Psychological Enhancement is busy providing to the needy, various psychological services such as psychometric testing including assessments of Intelligence, Personality, Learning Disorders , Aptitude , plus many other clinical tests.

Psychological Testing

Manodaya also offers psychotherapy and counselling for a variety of mental health related issues.

Study Classes for Children with Learning Difficulties

Regular classes are held for children with difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, memorizing, languages, arithmetic, and concentration. The classes are for children from Std 2 to Std 6. The program aims to train the child through special methods to bridge the gap between his intellectual potential and his academic achievement and to become self reliant. It aims to develop attention, memory and to discipline the child in good study habits and a love for learning.

Personality Training

Another core competency available at Manodaya is self-growth and Personality Development Training programmes (PDP) for children, youths and adults, and Human Resource Development (HRD) programmes with behavioural inputs for corporate sector executives.

Personality Development Camp

Social Work Projects

A special highlight of Manodaya’s work is its participation in varied social work projects with non-governmental and corporate sector organisations, based on the belief that such programmes helps a civilised society become more mature.

Rita Aggarwal PDP CampRita Aggarwal PDP Camp

A social work venture of Manodaya

Manodaya runs a project for school drop outs of Nagpur slums and sponsors them for vocational training in different trades such as tailoring, hair and skin care, computer maintenance, electrical maintenance and electronics maintenance. In 2008 august, it was done in collaboration with Mahindra Lifespaces Developers Limited, Mumbai and the project was conducted at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Nagpur. 127 students were selected after 4 rounds of interviews.

Rita Aggarwal Manodaya Nagpur


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