“Aggression puts off people”- 15 April 2018


Q. I am in 12th class PCM student and waiting for my CBSE Board results. Earlier my decision was to go for engineering but now I have changed my mind aiming for IAS and moving forward for doing BA. But the only problem is to select a perfect subject for my BA and which is also beneficial for my UPSC exam. And also I have bit interest in history. At present I am staying in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh want to know best government college for BA. Please give me your suggestions.

Ans. B.Arts has a lot many subjects of choice. You can choose anything that interests you such as history, sociology, political science, psychology, geography, philosophy, English literature etc. Instead of B.A you could also do Law as a five year degree course. Science you want to rule out as a course of study. It would be important to prepare for the UPSC along with the graduation course so that you can succeed in the first attempt. Once you set your mind on it, it is not an impossible task. I am glad you have decided to move out of engineering since your goal is the government services and not engineering. This is a good plan and decision for it will give you lots of time and insights into the socio-political theories which is an advantage for such jobs and positions.


Q. I am pursuing computer engineering from YCCE. I am in 4th year and my final exams are about to start in two days. I have many backlog papers. After studying engineering for four years I still do not have any interest in my field. I do want to make my career but now a days I fill like I have no interest in studies. And from childhood I have an average in my studies. I do not have any particular passion but I like drawing and communicating with people. I don’t know in which field I should pursue my career. Please guide me.

Ans. If you like people and communicating with people you could opt for MBA in Human Resource (HR) after engineering. You could also take up diploma courses in corporate communications or public relations. Communication is a huge field and an important one at that. Every industry has a public relations department that deals with verbal as well as written communication. It publishes the in-house magazine, it deals with the media as well as other entities for building up its image and reputation. it is an important role. Be sure you like and are competent with written communication as well as spoken. Another field for you besides industry is journalism which is working in a newspaper or a magazine or electronic media. You might do a crash course in electronic media. For the written media you may not need any qualification if you have a flair and command over language.


Q. I fought with my girl-friend and actually shouted at her many times. She is very upset with me and has stopped talking to me. I am feeling depressed and cry a lot. I make hundreds of calls to her and said sorry but she has not replied to me. I will die without her. Please tell me what to do? I need your help.

Ans. You will not die without her so stop fretting about it. Give her some space and cool off for some time. Write a sensible and serious note of apology to her explaining your aggressive behaviour. Girls can be put off with shouting and aggression if it was uncalled for. You would have to explain and justify your behaviour. However in principle there is no justification for aggression whatsoever and it send wrong signals. Now that she has seen the wrong side of you, she will be thoroughly scared and reluctant to align with you. So you could first reform yourself and then convince her that you are a changed person. A few sessions of counselling will help you identify your weak areas and you could convince her that you are reforming yourself seriously. You could request her to come along for counselling too or she could explain her side of the story. I wish you all the best to you and your future.

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