“All careers are wonderful” 6 June 2021



Q. Hello mam. My daughter is currently doing her masters in clinical psychology. In future she wants to work as a professor and also wants to practice counselling in clinical setup as a part time job. But her first priority is to become a professor. She is preparing for NET as well. After completing her masters what shall she do first? MPhil or PhD? What would be better? Also, without RCI licence, can she practice as a psychologist in any hospital or other clinics?

Ans. It is nice to know that your daughter is pursuing psychology as a career seriously. After her masters it would be better if she goes for Ph. D and gets properly qualified. If she opts for M.Phil she will have to do Ph. D anyway if she is getting into the teaching profession. As far as part time practice is concerned, she can take up a part time job in any hospital or clinic without an RCI license. A lot depends upon the hospital, some ask for an RCI and some don’t. If the field of work is ‘rehabilitation’, then the RCI license is required otherwise not.


Q. I am confused about my career and don’t know whether to take science or commerce after my 10th Std. I like maths and English and Biology but not Physics and Chemistry too much. I can do all subjects well enough but do not find much interest in science. I enjoy doing maths though. Please advise me.

Ans. The Indian system of education does not allow flexibility of choices and combination of many subjects. It allows for clear three primary streams with a fixed combination of subjects. Hence according to that, your best choice seems to be commerce with maths, English and other associated subjects. If you don’t enjoy and find interest in science, there is no point in opting for science just for some illogical reasons. All streams of education are wonderful by themselves and make good careers. It depends upon your areas of interest and aptitude and personality qualities. Commerce is a wonderful stream with many opportunities for jobs and growth. If you are still confused, a session of counselling will help clarify doubts and confusions.


Q. In my family all are science background. They are engineers from IIT and we have two doctors too in my mother’s family. There is pressure to do science and engineering or biology and medicine. And I am scared of both. I love English and also history. I also like to paint and draw and have done many drawings and paintings. I am in 9 std and I want to be an artist. Everyone laughs at me and makes fun of me. I feel confused and angry with all of them. My parents don’t stay together and want to divorce also. My mother is forcing me to take science to be independent and earn well. She will be very unhappy if I don’t take science. She wants to see me bold and strong but I am so week and crazy. Please help me with some guidance.

Ans. This is a difficult situation to be in. Your mother is anxious about your future because she has suffered in her personal life with her husband. She hence wants you to be bold and independent with a good professional career so that you can earn well for yourself. This aim of hers is perfectly fine and a good point for you for she will support you in making a good career and not force you into a hasty marriage. The second part about your mother’s insistence of taking up only science is totally unjustified. There are many good careers with English language as well as with art like drawing and painting. Decide between English and the Arts and plan accordingly. There are good courses in fine arts, commercial arts, graphics design, fashion design, interior design. If you decide for art and design course, then after 10 std take arts and humanities and after 12 std prepare for entrance exams for good courses in good colleges. You will have to decide which course in design you want to take. In case you need a session of career counselling let us know. It will help you decide and convince your mother too of the worthiness of the course. Meanwhile assure your mother that you are serious about career making and make a good choice.


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