“Anxiety disorders can be cured”- 26 June 2016.


Q. I am a B.Sc in Chemistry, Biology and Zoology. I want to do a p.g.course other than n.sc.in botnany ,chemistry, zoology and not given entrance for man. mam please suggest me any p.g.course which provide me instant job after completing p.g.now. I m 28yr old and I …

Ans. You could pursue a masters degree in science or in the field of management (MBA) too. Students with a masters degree is qualified for a range of positions in public, private and government institutions, in schools, in administrative agencies, consultancy companies, market research firms, and industry as well. For academic positions in colleges and universities as lecturers and professors you would need an additional doctorate degree. You have provided very little information to know exactly what type of job you are looking for. You would need to think seriously about your life goals and ambitions and plan your career accordingly. Just doing a job is not the end of it all. Any type of job you can do even now with a graduation. You can start teaching in a school or a tutoring /coaching institute or you can start your own coaching services. Jobs in call centres or sales and marketing jobs are also open for graduates. Try getting into private banks where plenty of opportunities are there for graduates.


Q. I have a boyfriend who is Sikh and I am Maharashtrian. We are together since 10 months and his behavior was not so good. When we had a fight he used to abuse me and once told some personal things to his friend and he said very bad things to me. Two days before he didn’t wanted to be with me and now suddenly he has changed and says he wants a chance to improve and will not repeat this in future. What should I do?

Ans. This is a tricky situation. Although we believe in the fact that people make efforts to change if they so desire it normally does not happen so fast. This seems to be more like a plan to bring you back with some malicious intentions. It is better to play safe and drop him immediately. His past behaviour was his natural self where he was abusive and negligent of you. A spontaneous behaviour is genuine and a planned effort is ‘put on’ behaviour. He seems to have decided to put on a mask and behave well with you for some reason. His friends may have advised him to do so. Boys play a lot of pranks on innocent girls. Just believe your intuition and since you have taken the trouble to write to me it means your mind is in doubt. So tell him politely and firmly that you are no longer interested in him and that is it. Stay clear of any trouble and lead a clean life. You will find better boys.


Q. I am an 18 year old boy and have just passed 12th with science stream. I wanted to get in law as science was not in my priority area. I appeared for CLAT but I didn’t succeed and last exam I gave was MAT CET which I think I may qualify. So what should be my next step towards the law and which college may I apply for.

Ans. There are many good colleges in the state of Maharashtra. You may consider some of them depending on the city of your choice and of course the quality of the college. In Pune there is ILS and Symbiosis as good colleges. There is the University Law college in Nagpur and some private colleges of law in Nagpur of good repute. The Government Law college Mumbai has a good reputation too. When your results are published you may need to fill up the forms and mention the names of colleges of your choice. So you need to prepare a list of some colleges of your choice before you fill up the forms.


Q. I suffer from fear of many things. I am afraid to go into dark areas, alone at night, to travel on roads. I also worry for family members when they are out of home and do not come back on time. I think I keep tension all the time in my mind. Because of this I am facing hair loss and less sleep. I get bad dreams and wake up in middle of might.

Ans. It seems you have what is called an ‘anxiety disorder’. It simply means that the quantity of fear and nervousness has increased in your system. It is an emotional disturbance and needs to be counselled and treated. It can be done with some regular sessions of counselling and it can be checked and controlled to a very large extent. Delaying it will only increase it and make it worse. They say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.  No need to suffer it.


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