“Take the shortest route to change”- 3 July 2016


Q. I have completed my10th boards CBSE and now I am in 11th class. I want to pursue psychology as my career but my school didn’t offer arts as a subject. My school being an all girls school, my parents wanted me to study here only as they didn’t want me to study in co education school. So I have opted for commerce. Can I still pursue psychology after 12th? If yes then what are the courses I have to do after 12th to become a psychologist? Is psychology having a good scope in future?  Where can I get job after becoming a psychologist? All these questions are bothering me. I am a constant reader of your columns in The Hitavada. Kindly help me out in this situation. I wanted to take a stand in front of my family for changing school but I couldn’t. When I was six months old, I lost my mother. My father remarried after some months of my mother’s death. From that time I live with my maternal grandmother’s family. So I couldn’t argue much. Now I am in complete dilemma. Kindly help me.

Ans. Just like other fields, psychology also has many areas of specializations such as clinical, industrial, counselling just to name a few. You can opt for psychology after your 12th, and then you will have to study psychology for 3 years for the bachelor’s degree, then 2 years for post graduation and finally another 2 years for specialization in a desired field of psychology. It is a wonderful subject and is growing in scope. More than jobs you could get into private practice. Teaching is also an option in psychology. Government jobs are very few and cannot be relied on. The private sector such as hospitals, schools and colleges are opening up posts for psychologists. It would definitely be better to take psychology right now however. For further details and clarity of thought I suggest you come for a session for counselling for career planning. Do not be in a dilemma. Try to convince your guardians for taking up psychology right now, but they do not agree then you have no choice but to do commerce which would be unfortunate. But you are a brave girl and have gone through life a lot it seems. It only makes you tougher and stronger.


Q. I am writing to seek help in my love life. I met this girl at National Karate Championship. I liked her a lot. Actually I don’t like any girl so easily and I can say that this is the first girl I ever liked. The problem is that I tried to impress that girl by not being myself. Because of which this girl is upset with me and even blocked me on Facebook. It sounds gross but believe me I am not the guy who just makes a girlfriend and after some time leave her. I am one woman man. She lives in Mumbai and I live in Nagpur because of which there is no other source of contact than social media. Even if she had blocked me I can still send her message. Please help me with this problem.

Ans. If you have made a mistake and have realised it, it is a good thing for future. You can still try to send her a message as you say and try your luck. She may forgive you and realise your honesty and sincerity. If things do not work for you even after your effort, then I suggest you move on. The world is a large place and I am sure you will find good people everywhere. Do not despair. Getting rejected once teaches you many lessons.


Q. I am doing Civil engineering and have failed the second year’s final semester. The thing is I don’t want to continue it and want to change my stream to commerce. I want to do it but please tell me how to shape it. Please reply as soon as possible. I need your guidance.

Ans It is important to like the subject of study for it is for life. If you really want to change the stream and have a plan of what you are going to do by studying commerce, surely go ahead and change it. But think many times about your decision. One alternative could be to finish your studies if possible and then make a change to finance through the course of MBA. You could specialise in finance and make a career in it. Many people have done it. Fine out the reasons for failure – is it lack of aptitude and ability or is it because of lack of study?? Since you have spent two years you would have to take the shortest route to change to save time and money.


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