“Aptitude helps decide your choice”- 10 July 2016


Q. I have passed my 12th this year with good marks but did not do well in my entrance exams for engineering. So I’m unable to decide what to do now, as I think repeating is not a good option. Please tell me the other options open to me and how should I do it. What should I do and how?

Ans. You must be informed that even with low percentage in the entrance exams of engineering you are likely to get an admission into an engineering college. Of courses you cannot expect the best college known to you but yes a good college is also a possibility. You might get selected in the later rounds. Another option is to get admission into pure science if you like that or commerce stream is also a good one. If interested in management you could opt for BBA which is a graduation in management. There are many choices in life that you can make. The choice is yours entirely and what you want to achieve in life and what degrees will help you reach your goal. If the confusion continues, please come for a session of career guidance.


Q. I have passed out my 12th and have even given my mhcet in pmt. since 7th I dreamt of being a doctor and hence have even tried my best in this exam but I couldn’t get through. Now my parents are furious . They have starting spying on me because they think that just because I couldn’t qualify it means that I would have wasted my time on other teenage stuffs eg. Being in relation or choosing the wrong group. But the truth is that I cannot imagine betraying them moreover I never have lied to them. It is really disturbing. I feel like ending my life. Moreover they have denied my wish of repeating. I feel useless and good for nothing. Please help

Ans. This is an unfortunate situation to be in. You should try another time for medical entrance. If that is your only goal of being a doctor then it is worth the effort. I do not know why your parents are not supporting you and trusting you and your determination. It is okay to be frustrated and angry for some time but they cannot allow you to do nothing for long. They must realise the seriousness of the situation and come to a solution. Do whatever is there in your capacity to convince them to allow you another term. You could meanwhile join the science stream (B.SC) and continue with your entrance studies and appear next year again. B.Sc will help you revise your subjects and make your parents comfortable. Seek help of a counsellor if the problem remains unresolved. Never ever think of attempting suicide and all that as life is beautiful and the struggles are to be enjoyed. Struggles make you strong and make a man out of you. It is fine to fail but it is not fine to give up. Be stubborn and be determined. Convince your parents of your seriousness and your truthfulness is not doing wrong things. Request a teacher or an elderly relative or cousin to talk to your parents to convince them of the truth. They must be told the truth anyhow.


Q. I have passed class 12th science with 81% and CET score is 96. I have been allotted a college in my city (amravati) computer branch. But a well wisher of mine is suggesting me to out of your city to study. My economic condition is average and my parents are in their 60s and I am their only child. Also I had gone for career counselling earlier this year which suggested me to carry on with Mechanical field. Please tell me what to do mam.

Ans. There are some things which we cannot choose. If you have been allotted a college in your city and your parents have an average economic condition, it would be sensible to continue in your own city. That will help them save money and you will also enjoy the comfort of your home. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ it is said and it is true. Your city is as good as another and a good student educates himself anywhere if he studies well. Secondly coming to your branch of choice, find out from your career counsellor or the report of the counsellor your scores on closure ability, reasoning ability and mechanical ability.  If your reasoning and closure ability is good enough (between 6 to 10 points) then you can choose computer science. Also introspect with yourself and find out if you like computer science better than handling machines and tools or both and then take a decision. We would need your aptitude report to guide you properly about the choice of branch. Best of luck!


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