“Assess the child for learning capacities”- 17 July 2016.


Q. I am a student of BSc2nd year. I want to do MBA in HR. Please tell me about the CAT and CET examinations and also tell me that how should I prepare for the entrance exam. Please help me.

Ans. You could join a good coaching centre for MBA or do self study by procuring the exam papers of last five years and practicing it. MBA requires a high level language ability in English, logical reasoning and general knowledge. If you decide that you have to achieve this goal, you will be able to do it. You seem to be a serious hard working student and should start focusing on it right now. Best of luck to you.

Q. My friend is 34 years old and divorced. She met a guy through networking site (linkedin) within few months
they became friends and then love affair. The boy is 24years old and of different caste. First he assured her for their marriage. Then slowly he forced her for nude pictures and night chats which she accepted. Now suddenly he told about his marriage (After 6 months) and said his parents are not agreeing for their marriage (Age gap, Divorce & caste). My friend wants to end the relation but he says he will commit suicide, he is pampering her by emotional, sad status updates (Whatsapp and other). He is not eating, says he still loves her but can’t go against his parents and he can’t forget her. Please advice her.

Ans. In spite of being a divorcee and being 34 years of age I am sorry to say that your friend has acted very immaturely and naively. She must be feeling very lonely and depressed to have fallen for a young stupid cheat. And the acts that she did on his request, is even more appalling since he might have stored the pictures. Anyway, she should break off all contacts with the fellow, now that he is married and is in the process of spoiling someone else’s life. He might be lying to her about his marriage is another possibility for he might be hoping to run away from the commitment which he made falsely to entrap her. The fellow is selfish and exploitative and never loved the lady. He only used her for his own lust. Please tell her to forget it as a bad dream and to disconnect his number. If he threatens suicide she should tell him to immediately act on his impulse and not wait for a second for he is a cheat and deserves to be punished. Once she says that all the drama will end from his side. He will try again but she should stick to her opinion. You could suggest the lady for few sessions of counselling for her depression.


Q. My son is born on 15th August 2007 in Nagpur. As he started going to school since than we are frequently getting the complaint from teacher that your son is not paying the attention, he is more interested in playing the games and always looking outside. Moreover teacher said that is hyper active and his energy should get channelized according we had put him in the sports academy but still things not get changed. Request to give your valuable opinion.

Ans. The teacher is right in saying that the child is hyperactive and needs to play rigorous sports daily. But that is not all for there are many other aspects that need investigation. We need to assess the child for attention deficit that may interfere with education and performance. We also need to look into aspects of learning disorders, such as, deficits in reading, writing, languages, maths and so on. If a 9 year old is under performing in school it needs immediate evaluation and assessment of his intelligence as well as learning capacities.

Q. I have completed my 12th from Maharashtra with relatively low  score of 78%. I have appeared for Maharashtra law CET 2016 and scored 87/150. I am hoping to pursue five year LLB as it’s my family profession and I will get help and guidance but is it a reliable profession? Can I get a job with a steady salary with LLB degree? Or should I take another profession? I had PCMB as subjects. I am not interested in engineering. Also what are some good colleges in Nagpur to purse law? 
Ans. Law is a wonderful career and you have the advantage of it being your family profession. I do not understand the doubts that you have expressed since you belong to that background. It may be possible that you are not convinced that you should pursue law and may want to explore alternatives. With PCMB all the career options are open to you so you should make the best choice at this moment otherwise you may regret it later. A session of career guidance is seriously suggested now to avoid wrong decision for you have to pay a heavy price for that in terms of money and time and loss of self confidence. We could help you with that.


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