“Assess your level of aptitude”- 17 March 2019


Q. I am currently giving 10th and now we have to register to any of institute like allen akash or iit home before 14 march. I am confused about choosing institute as now I want to pursue car designing as career and I am not very well at maths so I thought of 10 + 2 in science then 5 years integrated course in the same in dypdc. Now please kindly guide me with what happens in integrated course and with its aftermath.

Ans. This is a good question. Sometimes a student can feel stuck in an integrated course at some point and then there is no choice left but to complete it and get out. In general courses you have the option of getting out after graduation and opt for another course for post-graduation. This way the graduation degree is assured in four years and the choice of the next step remains open. In an integrated course you will exit with the dual degree of both grad and post-grad. If you are hundred percent sure of your choice of car design as well as the college you mention, it can be a good option to get admitted. Do make up your mind first and then find out the reviews of the college and go ahead. One important point is your level of aptitude in maths, do verify it before proceeding with your career. Get an aptitude test done. We can help you with that.


Q. I feel very bad when my parents praise my sister and compare her to me. I feel my parents don’t love me as much as her and I know I should not think like this. I remained irritated with all at home and I fight with them for small reasons. All are noticing my bad behaviour and telling me about it and that makes me even worse. I know my sister is better than me in many ways but I am also a good student and then why they favour her I don’t know why. I want to be a good girl. Please tell me what to do? My friends asked me to write to you and take your opinion.

Ans. Most times parents favour the kid that behaves well and respects and listens to them and other elders. The academic aspect is also important but that can be ignored if the behaviour is good. You say that you are a good student and even then they favour your sister. That must be due to her better behaviour than yours. I wonder what could be the reason for your irritation and anger with family members at home. Please do reflect back and find out the reasons as to what irritates you and when your emotions went negative as well as your behaviour. There must be a starting point when you began to feel bad about yourself and you began to compare yourself with your sister. Your parents might have said or done something to that effect to impact you and your reactions would have started. Then matters escalate if not sorted out in your mind as well as with others. To make a beginning talk politely and calmly with your mother or father about your problems and how you feel about the comparison and that you would like to behave well and be a good girl. Please listen to what they have to say about you very patiently without reactions and you will learn about many issues from listening to them. Promise them that you try your best to improve and express your love for them. You will certainly feel better and happier once things are sorted out and the air is clear.


Q. I like a girl in my class and she is very smart and good looking too. All boys want to make friends with her. But she is a snobbish type girl. She keeps away from most people and is very choosy about her friends. she does not talk much but has a beautiful smile. She once gave me a smile and after that day I am upset. It sounds silly but it is true for me. What should I do madam?

Ans. Aha! This is interesting phenomena! One smile and you go flat! That must have been a random smile on your lucky day and better not to read too much into it. If she has all the plus points and hence much in demand from other boys you may not stand much chance unless you have some punch too! She is going to be a snob to ward off people and if she is choosy, she would have some strong convictions about whom she would like to make friends with. It is good to be choosy and careful about picking friends for they make our character. I think the girl has all good qualities and has much sense too into her little head and has high aims and dreams in her life. She aims to go places and hence not waste her time in silly friendships. You might want to live up to her expectations to desire her and woo her. Otherwise forget the pipe dream.

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