“Bad behaviour needs to be checked”- 12 June 2016.


Q. I have two and half year son. We some time tense with behaviour of our child. He don’t play with the things normally, his behaviour is seems violent mostly. He enjoy company of new children, people but after some time may be hit them, or biting. We handle him normally or some time scolding on his behaviour. At home also if anyone sitting he come. Hit n run. Understand everything if we say something he to do it or follow the same thing he do that neatly. When say for not do anything or thing he wish show lot of anger. is anything wrong with our behaviour??? Or, all child behave same on particular age. Will he calm with time.??? Please share your valuable guidance.

Ans. We would need more details to understand the exact nature and the cause of the problem. Violence and anger is not something to be taken lightly. It will need to be checked for it will not go away with time. It is important to know where it is coming from. Such behaviour is generally imitated and learnt from home or peers. Introspect your own behaviour as you say and also observe behaviour of other family members towards him. Talk to him and ask him what is hurting him and making him angry. Sometimes it could be the lack of proper and consistent discipline too where a member is pampering him and allowing him to get away with bad behaviour. A session of counselling will help in understanding the problem and suggesting solutions.


Q. My brother have passed his 10th class with 8.4 cgpa in CBSE. He is interested in going engineering. But we are a bit confused in taking CBSE or state board. Because the difference comes in the percentile which is very important for getting a better Maharashtra engineering college. And also it is not yet clear that after 2 years admissions will be based on Jee-mains or MHCET. Can you please suggest the right path for better future.

Ans. The decision generally depends upon the school that will give the best education. If you want to rely on a coaching centre to take care of the 12 std Board exams as well as the entrance exams then a coaching centre with admission into a State board school is best. For the coaching centre takes care of both the exams at the central level as well as state level. If you want to rely on a school for education then go for a CBSE school for they train well for the 12 boards and sometimes make available the coaching for entrance as well. Choice depends upon whom you trust and rely on. It is a difficult choice to make as State schools have practically become non-functional as they have passed on the responsibility to coaching centres. This happens only in Nagpur perhaps where the takeover is complete. Even if the government changes the nature of the entrance tests it does not matter if you go to a CBSE school or a coaching centre. For the teaching is almost equivalent to CBSE.


Q. I am in 2 year of engineering and I want to prepare for government jobs so how to start the preparation and as I live in joint family my mom dad goes to work and in their absence all of them taunt me about various thing and when i shout or do anything they will start fight and as result i don’t do anything and when mom and dad come they will act as they were telling me all good and i am really getting frustrated what should I do?

Ans. You have not mentioned your branch of engineering. If you have one of the core branches, such as, mechanical, electrical, civil, there is lots of scope in the government sector as well as the public sector. There is scope for Electronics and Telecommunication too in the government sector. For computer science and information technology, the private sector is best. There is something called Indian Engineering services (IES) and there is a qualifying exam which is part of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) which you can prepare for and appear after graduation. They take engineers from the core branch. Among the public sector there is Coal India Ltd, Manganese Ore India Ltd, MECL, HPCL etc. Look up the website for UPSC and you will find the schedules for exams and other details for IES too. You could try for private sector also which recruit at the campus level. It is nice to know you are serious about your future from second year itself and want to prepare for it in all earnest- Best of luck to you.


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