“Believe in yourself”- 20 August 2017.


Q. I am very much in tension. I am in class 10th std and I am not able to concentrate on my studies alt all. Actually my mind always goes on another way when I got to studies. I did very big mistakes in my life by which my parents are very disappoint from me and why I am not felling guilty at all I don’t know. I did the same mistake many times and make my parents very disappoint. I am very much attracted towards boys and I always say lie to my parents. I do stole money from home and my parents got to know that I stole money from home. They are very hurt. I don’t know what to do I want to change my self because I m not a good girl at all. I don’t have any manners to talk to my dad and mom I don’t put my things properly. I am very tensed now please help me. I want to do lots of study and want to prove my parents that I can do it but whenever I make any time-table for study or any promises regarding studies I cannot fulfill it. I am just an average student. But my parents say that If I will do hard work I will definitely get above 90%. Mam please help me because of my bad thinking, my bad nature, my bad manner, I am very much disturbed and want to change my self totally. I am not able to control my brain. I never have peace in my mind. I take very small things very seriously and think too much about that. And please give me some tips for concentrating on studies. I am not able to study at all. One more problem is there I want to look good but I am very fat and not able to control my diet. I eat lots of junk food. And one more thing I am in relationship now.

Ans. That is a long list of problems indeed! But the good part is that you are aware of your bad behavior and bad nature and want to improve it. When you become aware of your own nature and desire change it will happen surely. Just start doing a few things. One, is when you get up in the morning tell yourself that is going to be a good day and that good things are going to happen to you. Secondly, pray daily for a few minutes and calm your mind. Thirdly do some sort of physical exercise whatever suits you. Thirdly, help your mother in the house and chat with her for some time. There are some meditation practices that you need to learn to help you concentrate. We could help you with that. Try this and then get back to me again.


Q. I am 19 year old boy. From last one year, I got so much indulged in my studies that I stopped socializing with my friends and relatives. I think they are now trying to ignore me. Please give me some solutions.

Ans. Yes, this happens as you rightly say that friends get hurt if you ignore them for too long. You could try apologizing to them or just try getting back in touch by calling them now and then. They will not ignore you for too long and will understand your situation. They will forgive you for you are good boy and have no harm to others. People understand once to re-connect with them.


Q. I have just started college with BA economics as subject & wants to join civil service through UPSC but problem is my past I have failed in mathematics at 12th. I was preparing for IIT from 11th but I sucked totally at PCM this year I scored decently in JEE mains to get me a government engineering college but my heart was not responding to take this again so I chose Arts, but now my past still haunts me I dreamed about IIT but ended up messing up completely but my mind never stops dreaming big & I want to be an IAS but I’m scared to pursue my journey I don’t what should I do?


Ans. If you find mathematics tough then it is better you did not take up engineering. IIT would be a distant dream if the aptitude for mathematics is low. You have done the right thing by choosing economics for you can become an IAS even by doing economics. Forget about the past and focus on the future. Prepare for the IAS examinations and do well in BA. Score as high as you can in economics. It is a great subject and has a great future even if you do not get into the IAS for some reasons. Work hard and believe in yourself and your choices.

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