Break out of loneliness – 14th June 2020


“Break out of loneliness”


Q. I am in a 2nd year student of Bsc having Physics, Statistics and Mathematics  as the subjects. I want to do my career as Marketing  executive  or Sales or Advertising  or a News Caste or any other same type career. As I have great interest  in these areas and fortunately  I have a good personality and communication skills. Please  guide me ma’am

Which way should I choose???

Ans. As you are already in second year of graduation, you will be passing out in another year. Then you have two choices to choose the post graduate program. One will lead you to marketing and sales and the other will lead you to journalism. Advertising is yet another field of choice but you can also do a diploma in that. The first one is an MBA with specialisation in sales and marketing and the second one is mass communication and journalism. The course in journalism also teaches the electronic media which includes TV news anchoring and all. A safer bet for you would be an MBA for its scope is larger and bigger and better. All industries prefer an MBA and hence the job market is larger. Journalism is a field for achievers and people who can excel can make a good career and requires more grit and persistence than marketing. Do a swot analysis and make the best choice or come to us for a session for planning your future.


Q. I had a problem with best friend and he left me for ever. As I am trying very hard to get him back he is not agreeing and seems to have decided his mind. I don’t know my fault. I only hid one fact from him and he came to know from elsewhere. After that he is behaving like this. He is my school buddy and we have grown up together. Why is he behaving like this and what can I do to get him back? I feel depressed and lonely and bored with my life. I am not thinking of anything bad but I keep feeling depressed.

Ans. Relationships and friendships are like an addiction without which life feels empty. You have invested so much time and emotions on them and you get used to them and then miss them when they break. But the trickiest part of life is the changing mind of people. They change, move on, get angry and discard friends and make new ones and feel justified in doing so too! We have no control over another’s mind and hence after pleading and begging you must move on too. That’s the most practical solution to breaking friendships. Some- time in future he will miss you and want to re-connect with you again. Once a bond is broken it is painful of course but not the end of the world. There are so many people around you who are good, nice and ready to make friends. Do one thing- talk nicely to the first guy who says hi to you. And make simple friendship with him. Similarly go out and make as many friends as you can without getting deep into it. Break out of your loneliness and move in society. Within the current COVID situation this is difficult I guess, so you make random calls to people you know and chat with them for a while. Being lonely is not good.


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