Calm your mind with meditation – 14 Mar 2010

Asher, Nagpur (via email)

Q. My mother is aged 45 years. She had been ill since 3 months from now & had been treated successfully for the same. She has an acute problem of cervical spondylosis. All the medical reports are stated normal & even the MRI of her neck has reported very minimal problems. Her problem is that she feels uneasy & crying 3 or 4 times a day. All medications are failure. She has side-effects from each and every medication. Her daily activities are almost nil & she is always scared of anything unfortunate to happen. She has lost all her confidence in herself & feels good for nothing. Kindly help me.

Ans. Your mother would need counselling and therapy. She seems to be depressed and anxious. A sudden bout of ill health can upset the mental equilibrium. Health psychology deals with mental aspects of physical problems. It is nothing unusual. Many people with acute physical health problems can develop depression and anxiety. It would help me to see her and then treat her. Do not worry for such problems can be taken care of well. 

S.K (via email)

Q. I am a student of 1st year engineering. My branch is IT which was of my choice while at the time of admission but now my mind is changing and diverting towards electronics and telecommunication or computer branch. I am a good student and I have also scored distinction in my 1st semester. I also possibly have a chance to change my branch in 2nd year (i e from my 3rd semester).Now the reasons for my mind changing are that in present situation IT don’t have much scope and another one is that all my friends belong to electronics and telecom branch- they want me to be with them as well as I want to join them too. I was an all rounder in studies as well as all activities. I am the topper in IT my reason for choosing IT as my branch was I have more interest in software than hardware. Now I sometimes feel like I may lead down if my friends are not there to support me there in IT. It may be it will also affect my future results. My career matters to me a lot too. But friends matter too. But I am so much confused that I am unable to decide whether to change branch or not. Please guide me as soon as possible.

Ans. The last reason for changing your branch should be your friends. Career is an individual plan and effort-friends play only a supportive role. To follow their branch would be foolish. The main reasons for changing a branch should be boredom and lack of interest in the subject you are studying and of course the job prospects after 3-5 years (when you graduate and post graduate). That should be the two criteria for switching over. Think seriously about it. Since you are the topper of your branch and you have a good personality too, I fail to understand your doubts. You should be firm and focused and your friends should be looking up to you instead.  

R.B (via email)

Q. My problem is that I know a girl from last 6 months and she likes me a lot but I don’t know whether I like her or not. I have completed my MBA before six months and I am still striving for the better opportunity.  Also my aim is to get a job via UPSC or MPSC but this petty thing are becoming such a big hurdle to tackle now.

Ans. Your anxiety seems to be building up due to the exam pressure and the competition you would have to face in the UPSC. The girl is only a distraction and an excuse to run away. She is adding to your anxiety. Throw off thoughts about the girl and her liking for you. Your mind should be focused on career and job and then think of her. Also learn the art of relaxation and meditation and calm your mind down. Think positive about yourself and your exams and your future. This will help you cool off. Also be happy with good thoughts. If all this does not help come and see me soon.

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