Should Meenal marry her fiancee or go for her love?

What should Meenal do?

Meenal was happy she was engaged to a good looking boy earning a handsome salary. He was highly educated and worked in a metropolitan. Her parents considered themselves very lucky for having such an ideal match for their daughter. The boy and girl met only twice, once when the boy and his family had come to see her and the second time when he came again to meet her and spent some time with her family. They did not get a chance to meet alone. The engagement ceremony took place with much pomp and show. The parents were feeling socially very proud of it and experienced a sense of great satisfaction.

The story begins after that. Soon after the engagement the boy started calling the girl and chatting. Within less than a month, Meenal, a simple happy girl from a good family went into terrible confusion and suffered mild pangs of anxiety and depression. She started feeling unhappy and fearful of her future.

She began to realise that they both were very different personalities, quite opposite to each other and he was also very dominating and restrictive. He would dictate terms to her all the time and confuse her with his opinions. Her mind began to revert back to her happy college days and her old group of friends with whom she had spent fun days. Her fiancée did not seem like a friend to her at all in contrast to her college friends she thought. She began to think often about one particular boy from her circle of friends who always had liked her then and she knew he had soft feelings for her. But she had not known her own feelings for him then. Her fiancée was a serious, humourless, unsocial, least romantic, and orthodox fellow. She was just the opposite and enjoyed herself with her mixed group of friends.

She began to get horribly unwanted thoughts. What if she could call off this engagement and marry someone like her college friend became the perpetual thought. The thought terrified her further and made her lose sleep. She was constantly worried and afraid of her own self. Her own mind was her worst enemy. She had no guts to tell her parents about her dilemma and no one to confide to.

What should she do? Should Meenal go ahead with the marriage as per schedule and save her parents from the social embarrassment? Should she sacrifice her emotions and her needs for she was now formally engaged? Or should she think of her own happiness and tell her parents to call off the marriage?

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