“Career planning is a process” 17 September 2023

Q. I am a 15 year-old female, currently in standard tenth. I wanted your guidance for choosing a career- I am interested in data sciences and coding, NDA and at the same time I like philosophy and psychology too. I am very confused as to what I should pursue ahead. I’m financially not strong, so I want to start earning something as soon as possible to help my parents. Please help me!

Ans. I am glad to know that you are seriously thinking of your career. You are confused as you have diverse interests. All careers mentioned are very good choices to make, whether it is data science, psychology, philosophy or NDA! This is a little bit difficult for me to tell you what you should choose for I do not know the level of the aptitude/ ability in each field. Also, I do not know the level of your interest in rank order, in all these areas. Also, you have an urgency to start earning as fast as you can and some careers take more number of years, such as psychology would take long years. The best way would be to get an aptitude assessment done, followed by guidance and counselling. You could contact me for an appointment.


Q. I’ve always been an outgoing and social person, but lately, something inside me has shifted. It started with a general sense of unease, which gradually grew into a paralyzing fear of social interactions. I’d find any excuse to avoid parties, gatherings, or even one-on-one conversations with friends and family. My heart would race, and my palms would sweat at the mere thought of socializing. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be with people; it was the irrational fear of being judged or embarrassing myself that held me back. This anxiety seeped into every aspect of my life. I started missing work meetings, and my performance suffered. Even going to the market became a dreaded task. I felt isolated, trapped in my own mind. Finally, I decided I couldn’t go on like this. I sought help from a therapist who diagnosed me with social anxiety disorder. Do I need medicines as well as I am not totally recovered from it.

Ans. If the anxiety levels are high and the panic attacks are frequent, which obstruct your functioning in work and social situations, then you might consider medicines as well, along with your therapy sessions. Do not stop the therapy sessions and take the medicines too to lead a full and functioning life. You might consider talking to your therapist about making some changes in your life-style and routine habits. Simple things in the routine will go a long way, such as, going for a walk daily, or the gym, doing a bit of yoga/breathing exercises and meditating with positive affirmations. Journaling is also a good method to handle your negative thoughts which generate the anxiety. Keep going, you are doing well.

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