“Energize yourself with positive actions” 15 October 2023

A Parent,

Q. My 10-year-old child is displaying signs of anxiety and separation anxiety disorder, according to her teacher. She often refuses to attend school or social activities. She frequently worries about me falling ill. Her sleep patterns have also been disrupted, with frequent nightmares and difficulty falling asleep. Her concentration on studies in school has deteriorated. She cries often and is most times restless and fidgety. The school is suggesting counselling and evaluation from a psychologist. The school counsellor tried helping with a few sessions of counselling but she still refuses to go to school. Please help and when can I seek your appointment. I belong to another town.

Ans. Please get in touch with us on email or telephone number 9823073986. The teacher is right about an anxiety disorder and separation anxiety. We need to know what triggered it and whether they are situations at home or in the extended family that has sparked it and is maintaining it. Of-course besides the family situations there could be other factors, such as, learning difficulties and some stressful situations at school. Find out if she has been bullied or ragged in school or had a fight with her friends and peer group. The teacher scolding her for some reason could be another trigger. Whatever may be the causes, please bring her and we will take care of her. Do not worry about it and be assured that she will be fine.  


Q. I am a medical student in third year. I have generally been a good student and quite sincere with my studies. But lately I am distracted and low in mood and motivation. I don’t feel like exerting energy and studying like before. There is something bothering me but I can’t share it with anyone. My parents are away and I am in the hostel. My room-mate is rather unhelpful and useless. I don’t have siblings and am the only child. Can you give some tips to try otherwise I will seek your help whenever I can come to Nagpur. Please help me.

Ans. Many times when you do not have a relative or friend or sibling to share your troubles, you can try ‘journaling’. It’s a great tool to express your feelings and thoughts on paper and reflect on them. When your thoughts and feelings find an expression, either through talking to another person, or writing them down, it helps the mind empty out the rumblings. When emotions settle down, the mind becomes logical again and begins to think properly. Besides journaling, try another tool called ‘scribbling’. Here, you take rough sheets of paper and scribble your thoughts randomly across the sheet in any manner. It does not have to be systematic and logical -just scribble away and later tear it off and throw it. Your irritation will decrease. Try exercising and playing a sport or get outdoors and be with nature- walk. Try yoga and meditation and prayers. Energize yourself by talking positive to your -self. Keep your emotions positive too and well under control. Of- course you can always consult us online too, if you cannot come down to Nagpur. I am sure you will be back to your normal self.

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