Career should suit your interests and abilities – 14 Nov 2010


Q. I am 19 and study in engineering college. I have been great in academics till now. But I think that I’m suffering from severe depression. This has resulted in decrease in interaction with friends. Please recommend a proper solution.

Ans. I am glad you have identified your problem and are seeking help for it. In majority cases counseling and psychotherapy helps in curing depression and only in a small percentage of cases medicines are essential. Only after seeing you it could be decided what would benefit you. To begin with we always start with counseling and then recommend medicines if required. So please come and see me as soon as possible. Do not prolong your suffering –it may not go away by itself.


Q. I am a student of class 12th. I am good enough in studies and I am an average student. My parents want that I should pursue education in medical field in my coming future but I am more interested in technical field rather than medical field. I have also special skills in mechanical field. Please help me as what to do and what not.

Ans. Its good to know that you are aware of your abilities and your interests in choosing a career. If you are good in maths and science and have a good mechanical ability as you mention, you should opt for engineering and not medicine as your parents suggest. The best way to convince them would be to undergo an aptitude test and clear your position. I c ould counsel them too when the results speak for you. Making a wrong choice will prove costly in terms of wasting your time, money and your mental health. To be successful always make the right choice which suits your abilities, interests and your
personality traits. A session of counselling for career planning will also help.


Q. I want your guidance for my personal problem. I am having minor physical problems due to that I was never accepted by society till my childhood but I  came out of the trauma with my parents support (My parents love me very much. Life was bed of roses till I had an affair and a bitter break-up , after that tremendous rejections (Marriage proposals).That left me heart- broken, after all this I paved my life for wrong things as well and ruined my career also. But by god’s grace one of my friend’s whom I respect a lot has helped me to come out of all this rubbish. But the guilt and past is eating my brain. I think my
mind, body, soul etc everything is dirty and bad. Now I want to go ahead with a fresh and good start. I want to do good to for my family, career and for my existence but the past memories are hindering that. Sometimes I feel to end my life but I know its cowardice. Please help me madam.

Ans. Guilt is a negative emotion and the faster you get rid of it the better. Guilt as an emotion is important and useful in putting us on the right path of life but once you have corrected your behaviour you ought to get rid of it otherwise it becomes a useless burden on your mind. Carrying a sense of guilt over a long period of time serves no good purpose- it in fact only disturbs the mind. You seem to be a brave person who has had a lot of experience of life and its hardships. You have struggled through all sorts of bad situations with insensitive people and have come out of it victorious. Now you seem to have become a victim of your own mind! This is very strange that you can fight the world and win but you seem to get defeated by your own emotions. Success comes from gaining total control over your own self and your mind is always the first and last frontier of life! Best wishes to you.

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