Test personality for career planning – 07 Nov 2010


Q. I am doing my masters in management and before this I did my masters in commerce. I want to know about aptitude tests. Means for whom they are meant? Am I eligible for them? I need to polish my personality, body language as well as behaviour ethics. What shall I do for all this. Please tell me.

Ans. For such a situation the best thing would be to go for a personality test which tells us your type and the job that would suit you the best in terms of your nature and cognitive styles. Once the personality matches the job profile you find happiness and success. The second aspect of personality improvement is a continuous learning process and you could attend some classes for the same. I could help you with both the aspects.


Q. I am a student of 12th std. Only 2 months are remaining for my board exam. Talking about my past I am in love with my best friend. I had proposed her but unwillingly she said no. But I care for her very much and she also like me but don’t know why she said no to me. Due to this reason I am not able to concentrate on my studies. Please help me in this matter.

Ans. Please learn to prioritise your goals. At this juncture of your life when you have to face the board exams your studies are more important to your personal emotional life. The girl will not run away and she must be also preparing for her exams if she is in the same class. She must be getting disturbed by your overtures and tense behaviour. You should relax for the moment, have faith in yourself and your abilities and think positively about life. Leave some issues pending for the next three months and then pursue them later. If you do well in exams she will be more impressed with you rather than if you do poorly. So get going and be smart and prove your intelligence!


Q. I am a student of 12th class. Nowadays I am getting guilty feelings about all examinations. I had read your paragraph in the Hitavada. I am in much more stress about exams. Under this stress I did not make ready myself to do study. I am getting lazy which make me to sleep more. I lack all concentration, confidence, ability to enjoy the things and lot much more. Fear of exam is making me unhappy and I’m not getting way to come from this stress.
Please help me.

Ans. It seems you are getting into a mild state of depression. One reason could be that the subjects you have chosen in 12th are not suitable for you. The subjects must be difficult and hence boring to you and this puts stress on your mind as you have to show results. After your exams you always have an option to change your line of study and take subjects which interest you and make you successful. You could come for an aptitude test after your exams. Right now just focus on exams and prepare well for the, do your best and forget the rest. Take a fresh decision on your future career and plan well this time.


Q. I like a guy very much and he likes me too. He is my distant relative and friend. He has a job in software industry and I am studying in final year of engineering. We are very comfortable about every issue in life but he seems to have some problem with the commitment issue. Somewhere my heart says he is not a bad guy who will bluff me later on but this keeps me worrying about my future. He says he has certain priorities and problems to tackle with before he can concentrate on this issue. But I am really confused because if later on he still can’t commit it will be very tough for me. What should I do? These days I really keep thinking so much about this. Please help me.

Ans. You could wait for some more time and then take a decision about him and the relationship. He may not be a bad guy but he has given enough indications that he will not commit. You should take that statement of his very seriously and think about your life. If you are ready for an either/ or situation, in the sense that he could commit or he would not commit in future, then go ahead with the friendship. If you are not ready for a ‘no’ in future then you should quit right now so that you are not hurt later. It would be easier to quit now than later. Investing in a relationship now and living on some future hope
is not recommended.

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