“Changing rigid mindsets”- 11 June 2017.


Q: I passed out class 12th (CBSE) in commerce. Now I want to do BBA. I looked for few colleges in Nagpur. I am confused between colleges. Please guide which college is better. I want to MBA afterwards. Will my BBA college be seen for admission in good MBA Colleges.

Ans. You could decide on the college by looking at their syllabus and asking them if there are practical work sessions and internship at companies. Even seminars and presentations are important part of education besides the classroom method of lectures. Your MBA admission is based on your performance in the entrance examinations for MBA such as CAT, CMAT and many others, and not on the college you have studied in graduation. You must prepare for the MBA entrance exam well in advance during graduation itself. Utilise your time for preparations for MBA entrance.


Q. I have just passed out 12th standard. Ma’am I had scored 94% in my 10th but in 12th my score has fallen down to 79% just because of my ignorance. My parents had high hopes from me so did I but due to my ignorance and less hard work I didn’t succeed to do so. I had PCB in 12th. At starting my interest was keenly in biology and therefore I chose this stream. But as soon as I got acquainted with this subject, I felt this is not my cup of tea. I have interest in arts stream. But there also I have issues as I am not completely aware of which field exactly I am good at. I have multiple interest fields and that makes me confused every time. I have asked my parents to take me for career counselling but they don’t listen to me at all. Ma’am please help me to get out of this dilemma.

Ans. It is certainly difficult to guide you with no information about your interest areas and your personality traits and what will suit you as a long term career. You can choose arts and humanities even though you had PCB in 12 Std and make a good career in it. It is a great line and has lots of scope provided you know yourself and your goals. If your parents do not agree to bring you for career guidance talk to a school teacher or a relative or elder sister for advice. Discuss your interests and your nature before you arrive at a decision. Take much time for it. You could write to me too about your interest areas and I could guide you to some extent for a letter has limitations. You could use my website for personal replies to emails at some nominal cost.


Q. I am a 26 years old, a relationship manager with a leading private sector bank , hails from a well educated upper middle class family renowned one in society. I am in relationship with a guy who hails from a well settled family, he himself works in a public sector firm on a very good package. But the guy belongs to schedule caste. Personally my parents like the guy but they are not ready to get me married to him because of his caste. Madam I left no stone unturned to convince them, this thing pinches me a lot that despite his good character and nature just because of his caste my parents are refusing just for the sake of society. He is a very good guy with morals and ethics, he never forces me for any decision. He always stands by me in any situation. Madam, I neither want to go against my parents and get married in court or something else for that matter nor I want to leave this guy and get married anywhere else, rather I am ready to be unmarried throughout my life. Please guide me how to convince my parents.


Ans. This is an unfortunate situation. In spite of education we still suffer prejudices and hold on to biases. A significant number of families in India have given up issues like this and agree to inter-caste and inter-religious marriages and do not care for society and its norms. In fact they pride themselves on changing norms by settings good examples for society to follow. However, one positive aspect of marrying in caste is the similarities of culture and life styles which makes integration of families easier. For the couple it does not matter much as they will accept each other out of love for each other. The difficulty lies for the families more to adjust to each other’s norms and culture. But again it is a mindset with specific attitudes. You could try to make your parents meet his family by calling them over or visiting their home and that might work. Alternately, come for a session, we might discuss this in person.

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