“Cheer yourself with positive thoughts”- 17 August 2014.

SAK, Dhantoli.

Q. I’m class 10 student, had strong desire to pursue CA, here are some mix thoughts in my mind, your guidelines will help me a lot. 1. No commercial background, from typical middle class Maharashtrian family, no business class backup. 2. Myth?, Maharashtrians does not suceeds, its field for non- Maharashtrians, like Marwadis. 3. I’m good at maths, will this help? 4. From where to start? 5. Which one is best institution at the Nagpur for CA? 6. What is future for CA? Does saturation affects this sector? 7. Since my objective is fix, shall I opt for commerce in 11th or anything else you suggest? 8. Finally, kindly give me road map to follow from where today I am. I request to show me the way, I will be grateful to you,

Ans. The first two queries are a myth as talent is restricted to any caste or community in the modern world. Yes, your family background may matter in the development of your skills and abilities because of the atmosphere and training at home. Being good in maths helps a lot in becoming a CA as it requires 12 std level maths. It would be advisable to take commerce in the junior college level and prepare for the entrance test for CA. It would also be wise to take an aptitude test and career guidance session before you take the final plunge for commerce after you complete your 10th Std exams. This would make your mind sure of yourself and your path.


Q.I love a girl from last 2 years. We were friends first then best friends but after six months I realised that I love her. I proposed her twice but she was unanswerable at both times because she loves another guy. She still considers me as her buddy. Though I have understood that we can’t be together as partner in future but still I can’t stop thinking about her which ends up in frustration and a looser feeling. The biggest problem is that, she is my classmate and he is my batch-mate so I have to face them daily. What should I do- still 2 years to go for my graduation.


Ans. Emotions and emotional involvements always lead to heartburn. Laugh at your state of mind and joke at your situation. Humour helps in dealing with absurd situations. Taking yourself seriously will make you feel more miserable than you already are. Accept their friendship gracefully as the fellow came into her life before you so you were late in proposing to her. You are not a loser but luck did not favour you. Perhaps there is something better in store for you. So cheer up with positive thoughts.

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