“Concentration is the key to mind control”- 10 August 2014


Q. I am a student of class 12. I thought of consulting you because I am suffering through one of my greatest hardships of life at this crucial stage of mine. My problem is-Only half a year for my board exams, I find it difficult to complete my course because of not having a strong foundation in classes 9, 10 and 11. This is also affecting my performance in entrance exams as I am not at all prepared in any way. It’s too late for me to recognize that I am lagging behind; but even then, I tried numerous ways to cover up and improve my concepts: I took help of scholarly notes, Internet, tuition classes etc. But in no way I was able to achieve success. I don’t receive good pattern of education in my current tuition classes, which would make my weak and stubborn mind understand. Should I take a year drop? Or is there any other option?

Moreover, my astrologer has told me that it would be a hard time for me till November 2014. But it would be too late then as I would not be able to take any decision regarding my future options (if I don’t improve by that time). I would have to take crucial decisions on admitting to new tuition classes (if I wish to take a year drop). The astrologer told that I have shani sadhe-saati and Rahu and Ketu antardashaas, due to which there are so subtle changes in my behavior. Earlier, I used be sincere and regular in studies, but now I find it as a burden, from whose load I would never be freed. The last year has changed my attitude and behavior thoroughly. I cannot control my urge for parties and our religious festivals; and hence find it difficult to sacrifice them for the sake of my studies. What to do or what not to do? This seems to be the greatest question for me. Due to all these, my parents also began remaining tensed as all their desires as dependent upon me. Please suggest me an appropriate way out; as I am in need of your urgent help.

Ans. Control your urges and social activities and improve your concentration to its fullest and you will sail through your studies. Studying is like meditation and cannot be achieved with distracted minds. You must learn to control your mind and keep it focused only on studies for a year. Stay away from all other actions of yours even if you lose friends and become unpopular. Career making is not a joke and has to be taken seriously. Concentration is the key to mind control and eventually success in life. Instead of blaming your astrological stars for your failure it is advisable to take responsibility for your behaviour and improve your habits. It is not impossible. However it is imperative that you do it right away. You do have enough time left.

Ku. Akshita Manwatkar.

Q. I am studying in class 10th.I want to become a pilot(Air).Kindly guide me
after 10th passing, about education, colleges, fees, flying club, etc all about to become a pilot in private flying club as well as in Air-force. Please guide me on my ways.
Ans. To become a pilot in the defence services (Air force) you would need to take science subjects (physics, chemistry, mathematics) in your 12 std and then appear for the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance examinations. If you desire to work in the commercial sector as a pilot you need a graduation degree in any stream as a minimum qualification and then you need to join one of the training institutes in India or abroad to become a pilot. The duration is of one year only. The fees vary from each institute. To begin with at least do your 12th Std well with science and then come for a session with me for details.


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