“Choose your career wisely”- 5 March 2017.


Q. I’m in class 10 and very poor in maths. Actually I don’t want to go in that field. My father is magistrate by profession and wanted me to pursue law. I am not at all good in maths and science too. I am confused where should I go?  I have interest in language as I am good at it. I am confused because as maths and science I don’t want to pursue that so there I think only law is left. If I tell you about me. Then I am very positive. No depression. Nothing. So please help me to know that in which field should I be going? Please help me because I will be facing board exam soon… Please help me.

Ans. I am glad to know that you are a positive and happy person. It is nice to know that you are clear about your lack of interest and aptitude in Maths and Physics and hence do not want to pursue a career in that. Language is a great option and law is even a great choice. Law requires a high logical reasoning, good grasp of languages, the ability to read up thousands of case studies and law books, and a speaking and presentation ability. Of course more skills besides these basic ones are also required. Think about this process seriously and discuss it at length before you finalise it. A session of career guidance will be of very useful in making the best choice.

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Q. I am in class 12 pcmb and I am good in academics but I am interested in arts. My sketching is good and want to become a fashion designer but I could not register for NIFT and NID exam. My father wants me to give UPSC exam after doing BBA and my friends are opting for CA and want me to do the same. I am also going to appear for JEE exam. I belong to a middle class family so financial conditions are not very good. Thinking about all these I am not able to concentrate in my board exams as my parents are expecting good results from me. Please help me madam.

Ans. Again, I may give the same advice as above that a session of career guidance will be of utmost importance. It is nice to know that you have an aptitude in science and maths but you have a keen interest in arts. We need to assess whether you have an aptitude in arts as well or not. It seems that you are multi-talented and can have many career options before you. This makes it all the more reason that you get an aptitude test done from us and then decide which path to choose for a career. Please focus on your board exams which are important irrespective of whatever line you choose. Convince your parents for career guidance and we can help you out with the right choice according to your talents, interest and personality traits.


Q. I am in relationship since two years. My boyfriend keeps says we will marry and I want it too. He has changed after five months and says he cannot marry me now. I feel very bad and cheated. I am very possessive about him since two years and do not know why he is changing his decision. I see him day and night and see him in everything. The boy is very practical and I am very emotional. I make many calls to him daily. What should I do about it? I have become emotionally disturbed. Please help me madam.

Ans. If your boyfriend has changed his opinion about marrying you, so be it. Marriage cannot be forced on anyone. The marriage will be a happy one only if both the partners are willing to spend the rest of their life together. If one person has changed his mind then he has a right to do so. He may be a fickle minded person with many diverse interests and may have found someone more interesting or anything else under the sun may have happened. We cannot read a person’s mind without knowing him. Everyone has a right to change their mind and anything else they want to change. You must take care of your own mind. Stay calm. Pray. Play some sport. Meet new friends. Engage in some creative hobby. Do something you always wanted to do but had no time to do it. Love yourself. Leave him to be free. Learn to live alone with self.


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