“Concentration comes with a calm mind”- 20 September 2015.


Q. I am studying 1st year B.Com. Earlier I wanted admission in BAM (bachelor in applied management) from a college in Nagpur. But as all the seats were full I could not got the admission there. I was depressed about this. But for next year I want to try for BAM again so my question is that is it ok to take two degree at the same time as per university rules? Should I join BAM and leave B.Com or should I do both simultaneously. Is there any rule that you can take two degrees at same time from same university?

Ans. As far as my knowledge goes you cannot do two degrees at the same time for you can enrol only at one college since you have to submit your original mark-sheets. The main points to understand are your long term career goals, and then decide the degree that would suit you. If you are interested in management then you could try again next session for admission into BAM and if you feel commerce is of interest to you then you could management at the post graduate level and specialise in finance which gives you a sound footing in banks and elsewhere in industries too. But if you do not like accounts and finance then please give up B.Com and try for the other.


Q. I am a doctor by profession. I am preparing for post graduation for last three years but did not succeed. Whenever I sit to study a hell lot of things come to my mind, such as, I am 27 years of age and I am unmarried, the tension to my parents, all my friends have got their seats at renowned places, my juniors have got seats as well have got married, and lot more such things. I just go surfing for grooms at my parent’s request, that too frustrate me and that too is not an easy job. I have read various blogs for motivation but that are temporary relievers. Recently I quit my job for studies, and I am still not giving my 100 percent. I just keep thinking and thinking, and at the end of the day I think I will go mad some day. I need to gain confidence in everything I do and that annoys me at time, and I can’t afford to lose this time. My exams are approaching near, please help me.

Ans. This is unfortunate that you could clear your exams in the three attempts. The first thing to do is to keep your mind calm at all costs. This can be done with meditation practices and relaxation techniques. The second thing to do is to keep your thoughts positive and to not to allow negative thoughts to creep in and stay there. Negative thoughts are like bacteria which sap your energy and eat you from the inside, acts as an obstacle to concentration and severely upset your moods. To keep the mind in peace and tranquillity is an art which we can teach you through a few sessions of therapeutic meditation. Please contact us as soon as possible. I am sure you can spare a half hour for your future benefit.


Q. My son is behaving strangely- many times he abuses us and throws things around whenever we question him about his studies and his whereabouts. We have found out that he is bunking classes and roaming around with his friends. When we try to ask him questions he starts shouting. He locks himself in his room and we do not know what he does inside? He spends whole day out with friends and when he comes home late in the evening he sees to be relaxed and happy. He watches TV short while and sleeps. Please help?


Ans. This is cause for serious concern for parents and the future of the boy. He seems to be on the wrong path of life. Many times parents do not realise for many years that the child had a problem with studies, such as learning disabilities often go unnoticed and that state leads to many negative ramifications. If your child has been showing a steady but sure decline in his performance in school since some years, then that should have been rectified soon enough. Most times since the problems remain unattended they turn to bad company and consequent bad activities where they are accepted and welcomed. Then it just becomes a habit. We need to find out the extent of damage, whether he is into drugs and alcohol or he is just whiling away his time in the company of friends. Secondly we will have to address the problem with studies – why he runs away from them and where is the problem. Kindly bring him for counselling, a session or two will go a long way in understanding the issue and putting him on the right track. Have hope and patience.

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