“Concentration is the key to success”- 25 October 2015.


Q. Can you please explain me ‘How to be focused while studying’ because Ma’am I study for 7-8 hours but I feel that the output is only of 4-5 hours as I am very much disturbed during studies, I get thoughts from every nook and corner of the world, also ma’am I am ashamed to say that I think about a girl in my class whom I admire or rather whom I like. Ma’am study is my passion, I just love to study and I have no other options than study to make my future but these thoughts have overpowered me and even though I used to hate all these useless things, I am only now struck in these things. It is very difficult for me to come out of this and they are harming my studies. Ma’am, in straight words I am in love and I don’t want myself to be wasting time on this because as a student my full focused should be on studies but ma’am you as a psychologist know it well what love is, it is very difficult for me to come out all this nonsense. Ma’am please help me.  
Ans. One way is to spend some time thinking about the girl daily for some time, say 10 to 15 minutes with full concentration and you could put your thoughts on paper too. Once you are satisfied with it, which will make you feel happy, then sit down for studies. That will increase your focus on studies as you have emptied your mind which was full of the girl. When a topic demands attention it has to be given its dues time and attention. But do not overdo it as that will be just a waste of your time and will make you obsessed with the idea. So a balance is necessary for you. Try it and if it does not work come for a session of counselling and we will teach you specific methods of concentration. It is simple really.


Q. I am pursuing B.E degree in Electrical Engineering and right now I am in 3rd year. I want to ask you whether we make career in metaphysics? Are there any degree courses for metaphysics in India? If so which institute offer these courses? I am not interested in doing M.Tech or MBA after my graduation or any of the courses related to electrical engineering.
I am really confused. Kindly help me on this.

Ans. Metaphysics is part of philosophy and any department of a university with a department of philosophy will offer you the courses. The career could be in the field of teaching only and research. There are courses at all levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral too. I hope you are talking of philosophy and not something else. You could google for the universities and the online courses as well. You have to be deeply interested in it to switch from engineering to philosophy. Another way could be to continue with a job in engineering but to do an online course in metaphysics. If it absorbs your mind completely then you could switch your career. But try and test it before you do it.


Q. I am studying in class 11 and preparing for my PMT. I was studying in town up to class 10th but for fulfilling my dream I came to a city and got enrolled in a coaching class. I was a good student and scored 10 CGPA too but nowadays I am unable to work hard as much I used to work hard before. I am unable to sort out the reason for such behaviour. I get attracted to television as well as cell-phone and waste lot of time. In this way I am unable to prove my mettle. Mam, I want to work hard I tried my best to do it but I was unsuccessful. Please help me.

Ans. Please find out if you are interested in the subjects that you have taken and have the aptitude for those subjects. If that is not a problem then find out the reasons for your distractions and whether it is a boy or just too many friends and chatting with the. In such a case you will have to cut or restrict your time with friends or fix a specific time for chatting. Spend about 15 to 20 minutes daily chatting with them and then forge them. Switch off the phone and sit down for study. Give your phone to your parents for the study period. Watching TV is just a bad habit and a useless one at that so just stop watching it. you could also be facing some adjustment difficulties in a city. Address that issue too. Doing medicine is a dedicated study and needs many hours of study and long years of sacrifice. Prepare yourself now for it.


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