“Value your life for itself”- 18 October 2015.

Q. I think that I am mentally disturbed. My father had an extra marital affair. At first he used to shout at my mother, abuse and once he beat her. My mother left the house once and then came back. From that time they both don’t talk to each other. I feel my father chats with many other women as well.  I also shared all this with my best friend who betrayed me and complained to the principal about it. So now we both are no longer in talking terms. Also, I love a guy who does not love me and has stopped talking to me now. Once I saw a bad dream due to which I am unable to sleep. Once I saw that the guy whom I love is dead and I saw all the process of his cremation. Due to this I am unable to sleep also. I hardly sleep for 3 hours a day. I am suffering from too many problems at a time and due to which I am suffering from depression & some mental problems I think so. Till class 10 I was good in studies. I secured 92% in class 10. But now my studies are suffering due to all this problems going on. All time I feel that I should sit alone in one corner and cry and should end up my life. Please help me.

Ans. It is unfortunate that you have so many areas of disturbance. You do not have a stable family and nor good friends to share your problems with. But you have your own self – be a good friend to yourself. Love yourself and value your own life for itself. Be kind and brave to yourself. Talk positive to self and set high goals for your career that are achievable. Put all your energies into studies and do well. We could help you with therapeutic meditation as well as with personality development skills. Remember that life is precious and you must make the best use of it.


Q. I am 15 year-old. I study in 10th class. I am facing many problems related to studies. I study a lot during examination time but I don’t get good marks that I want and because of 2-3 teachers of school my image in school is not so good. They think that I don’t study. But I am telling you seriously that I study a lot during exams. Sometimes my concentration also becomes weak in studies due to distractions. I want to succeed in life because my father doesn’t have his own business. But there are many problems I am facing sometimes I think I want to become actor. So please tell me solutions to face problems related to this topic (especially marks problem). What should I do?

Ans. Avoid all distractions. Give up all bad habits. Focus on goals and set high goals which you can achieve. Just have a one point agenda of doing well and getting good marks in examinations. Revise and recall your lessons as many times as possible. After all this leave the rest to your luck.


Q. I am 20 years old. I am in a relationship with a guy since 1.5 years and he is also 20 years old. Initially our relationship went on smoothly. We had a habit of being with each other for almost 7 hours a day. It went on smoothly till my exam dates were announced. I told him that now I need to sit and study and I won’t be able to meet you. Initially he never showed that he had a problem with it. But after a week he started getting very irritated about the fact that I would study all day and not give him time at all. Then slowly he started abusing me and beating me. When he did it the first time, I forgave him. But then second time he became very aggressive and showed his violent behaviour in front of all my friends. My friends told me to tell my mom about this. My mom told dad and they got very irritated with him and told me to break every kind of relationship with him. But I went against them and was secretly dating him. But then he again showed his violent behaviour and then I stopped talking to him. But I still love him a lot and I can’t get over him and I want to get back with him. Nobody will support our relationship. I can’t concentrate in anything and I am not able to study now as well. Please tell whether I should get back with him or just forget him?


Ans. You should immediately give up this relationship as he is violent man and will continue to be so for long years. He has a psychological disorder and needs help. He does not respect you so how can he love you? You may love him but when you make a choice with your mind and intelligence you will know that it is a wrong choice which will lead to suffering only. So say quits to him forever.

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