“Counselling is important in depression”- 20 May 2012


Q. I completed my computer engineering this year but don’t want to go for any higher studies now. I am really passionate about teaching and delivering speeches and lectures. Please tell me what to do now. Where to apply and where to go?

Ans. You could join a college for teaching- either an engineering college or a science college whatever opportunity you get. Gradually you could clear the NET or SET which is necessary for the teaching profession. The best way to apply is to go to all the concerned colleges in your city and drop your application in the office. Then also follow it up by visits to the college. Some colleges hire contributory lecturers who work part time. Another way is to look for the advertisements and apply for the same. You will get the job soon.

R.J, Amravati.

Q. I am in depression since last year and am taking medicines but that is not helping me fully. Do I need counselling but this place does not have a good psychologist. What should I do? My life is in mess and my parents are worried for me. I somehow manage my life. Please advise.

Ans. Most times counselling is needed along with medicines whether it is recommended by experts or not. Counselling helps in ways that medicines do not work, such as helping the growth of the personality factors, helping in adapting and adjusting to the disease and to the social environment and in rehabilitation on the job. Many times counselling and psychotherapy work better than medical drugs in the treatment of depression. We offer telephone counselling for out station clients who cannot make frequent visits.


Q. I have an exam phobia. I have a sharp memory but when I go into the hall I forget everything. When I come out after some time I begin to remember things. This is happening from two years. Before this I was good in studies and could do well and get good marks. I am now in 9th Std in a good school. I was a good student before –what has happened to me? Please guide me.

Ans. You could be suffering from anxiety and fear of exams. You mention that you have developed this only since two years and you were fine before that. This could happen and there could be many reasons for it. One cause could be that you may be finding the level of studies a little more difficult in the last two years as you reached 7th Std. This can happen to some students who have mild learning difficulties in some specific areas like reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, arithmetic or any such area. Get yourself assessed by a psychologist about your problems whether they are study related or fear related and take help. You can be easily helped and your problem can be resolved.


Q. I love a girl in my class but she is from another religion and my parents will never agree for marriage. But I love her very much and we are friends from four years. We have common likes and hobbies and we think alike too. We are both ambitious and would like to make good careers and earn lots of money. We are middle class people and hard working too. Everything about us is same and alike. That is why I love her very much. She is a very nice girl not because I love her but because she is a good girl with all good qualities. I cannot live without her and she too loves me a lot. But our religions are spoiling everything. What should I ma’am? Should we wait for our parents to agree or what?

Ans. Yes, you should wait for some years and your parents may agree after all if you remain committed to each other in spite of all odds. You still have some years to settle as you both are still students. Focus on your careers for the moment and be hopeful of the future. Parents also test their children till they feel that this is the best option. Your parents might give in after some years when they begin to understand you both better. Be optimistic.

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