“Decide your goal then the course ”- 26 April 2015.


Q): I have just appeared for my 12th boards and jee Mains. I am confused about my career. I had secured 98.6% in 10th CBSE boards and decided to opt for science (PCM and Computer Science). The CBSE syllabus was easy and I managed to score around 91% in XI. I did not go for coaching classes, considering it a waste of time and money. I did not do well in the entrance exams too. Do I have an aptitude for science or was I wrong with my view of not going to a coaching class? I had participated in a lot of science exhibitions and science-related competitions this year and that aspect of science appeals to me where creativity, coupled with writing, language, presentation and culture are involved. This problem never arose in 10th as we had subjects from all streams. I am confused about my career.

A): A simpler solution would be to appear for an aptitude test along with counselling. That is the best way to clear your doubts and be confident of your talent areas. It is a good thing to rely on oneself and not on coaching centres, but you should have consulted the question papers of several years to know the type of questions they set. It helps to know the patterns and what is expected of the student in terms of answers. Please take an appointment and come for career guidance.


Q): I am an 18-year-old girl, from the science stream (PCM). I have just appeared for my 12th boards. I want to choose BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies or BBA as my UG degree course. Do these two streams have a bright scope in the future? Or shall I continue with the conventional way of taking up engineering next. Can you please help me out with this?

A): There are as many courses as there are careers. A degree is a way to reach a specific goal. You must know your goal first to know the degree which is suitable to you. You must also know your abilities and your interests before you choose finally. You can pursue BBA, BMS or engineering and then MBA depending upon your long-term goals. All degrees are as good or as bad depending on the place you want to reach. There are no hard and fast rules of choosing a degree. If you want to work in the corporate sector as an engineer and reach good managerial positions then an engineering degree with MBA is a good choice. If you have your own business and/or do not like science then do a BMS or a BBA and later do an MBA. That would be good. If you are still confused, come over for a session to clear your doubts.


Q): I am an 18-year-old girl, in love with a guy. He too loves me a lot and we are in a long distance relationship since the last one year. He is a simple yet ambitious guy, who always talks about studies, while I am his opposite. I don’t have patience and I always need attention. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I feel that he does not care for me, as he is continuously online but replies to my text messages after almost an hour. I am frustrated with his behaviour towards me, but I still love him. Now, another guy has come into my life and I haven’t told him about my current relationship status. We have been talking to each other since six months now and recently, he has confessed his feelings for me and awaiting my response. I have noticed that he cares for me, is affectionate and loves me a lot. I too have developed a liking for him, but by treading further, I think I will be cheating on my current boyfriend. I am in a confused state of mind and am unable to focus on studies due to this. Please help me.

A): You must introspect and analyse your weaknesses to know your needs. Why would you need so much attention and caring from a boy at this age? Why should you be in a hurry to commit yourself in a romantic relationship baffles me. You could just enjoy good friendships. Anyway, give it some time before you jump to any conclusions. There is no hurry to decide now – take your time. Only do not be involved with both. It is okay to have friends and chat with them but NOT in a romantic way. I think the first guy is a good boy with more restraint and seriousness about studies. At this age all of you should be focused on is career making and not friend making. Do not commit to anyone – just be friends – clean and healthy friendship.


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