“Emotional reasoning is harmful”- 3 May 2015.


Q. I am BSc first year student in Nagpur university. I am emotionally very weak and get hurted even on small things. Also I get attached with people in very small time and cant see them in problem. I start to cry bitterly if any of my dear and near ones get hurted. I can’t bear the sight of beggars too. After seeing them on railway stations or on roads, I can’t control my tears. Please guide me what to do.

Ans. You are a sensitive and emotional person. In fact each person has emotions and are sensitive but are generally able to control their emotions and lead their life reasoning. We feel with our hearts and think with our heads. But when we begin to think with our hearts we become overly emotional and the thought process goes wrong. It is called emotional reasoning. For example, I feel bad so I think my life is bad. I feel angry so I think people are cruel. This is how emotional reasoning goes. Actually thinking should be done in the absence of emotions. Thinking is a logical process and should be done as objectively as possible. You might want to take a few sessions in learning the art of emotional control and logical thinking.


Q. I am 15 year boy and just appeared for 10th exams and still waiting for result.My ambition to became a Engineer  but i m confused whether to take polytechnic or 12th science so which stream is better for me..I m confused about my career.

Ans. Both the options are there. If you are sure of your aptitude and ability in doing engineering successfully and if you would like to skip the process of competitive examinations you could join polytechnic and then seek admission in engineering later. But if you not sure of your aptitude then there could be a risk that you would be able to complete your polytechnic with some difficulty but might miss your engineering admissions due to poor marks. In this case you will miss doing 12 std and hence miss a graduation degree. The decision depends upon your aptitude. The stream can also be decided with the help of an aptitude test. You can contact us for that.


Q. I am an 18 year old girl and I am from the sciences stream (PCM)  I have just given my 12th boards. I want to choose BMS- bachelor of Management Studies or BBA as my UG degree course.  Do these to streams have a bright scope in future? Or shall I continue the conventional way of taking up engineering. Can you please help me out?

Ans. Pure management is good for people who have their own companies or businesses and would like to enter it with an understanding of running the company. Engineering in graduation with management has an advantage of entering industry with the technical background of understanding the technical side of industry as well as the management aspects. It gives you a better view of the work place and the choice of changing departments. Engineering also provides a good training of the mind in so many ways. But it is your choice which depends upon your aims and goals in life and what you enjoy the most. Make the choice with care and deep thought.


Q. I’am 18 yr old girl. I have just appeared for my 12th boards exams. I’am from science stream(PCM). I’ am very much confused about my career. As I want to do MBA course further, so I ‘am confused that what stream should chose for my graduation. My mother is suggesting me to do B.sc. But I’am thinking to do BBA or B.com so it can be a big help for me for doing MBA afterwards…because both the courses belongs to commerce stream. I’am very much confused about both science and commerce stream Please suggest me what should I go with. And is there any scope further if I will opt for commerce stream??And if I choose commerce stream, would it be difficult for me..as I ‘am a science student..???please help me out for this.

Ans. There is a lot of confusion in your mind. Anyone with any graduation can do an MBA. You have to choose an area of specialisation in MBA such as finance, HR, marketing, production, etc. If you are interested in pursuing accounts and finance, then it would be best for you to do B.Com so that you follow a specific line. If you like production you might think of science. For HR you might do a BA with psychology and social sciences. So be first clear about your goals and long term aims and what you want to become. The choice of degree follows then.


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